Asialink Webinar Series: QUAD - Perspectives from the Region

In this era of heightened regional competition, multilateral cooperation is more important than ever. The QUAD, a strategic security dialogue comprised of Australia, The United States, Japan and India, is committed to supporting a free and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

What can we expect from the QUAD Leaders' Summit? Can the QUAD exert influence in the Indo-Pacific? How does the QUAD complement or challenge other regional alignments?

On 30 May 2023, the webinar on QUAD: Perspective from the Region discussed topics such as: How the QUAD can strengthen ties with ASEAN and encourage cooperation, particularly as it is seen as a challenge to ASEAN centrality; the changing face of security in the region and increasing AI technologies; and the QUAD beyond security such as climate mitigation and regional trade.

The panelist included:

  • John McCarthy AO (Moderator), Asialink Senior Advisor
  • Ryosuke Hanada, Japanese Security Studies PhD Candidate, Macqaurie University
  • Dr. Nurliana Kamaruddin, Unversity of Malay
  • Dr. David Brewster, Senior Research Fellow at the National Security College at ANU

Watch the webinar: