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Australia's leading centre for creative engagement with Asia

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Asialink History

Shaping the Future - An Uncommon History of Asialink 1989 - 2017

Asialink was established in 1989 as a joint initiative of the Australian Government’s Commission for the Future and The Myer Foundation, one of Australia’s oldest and at the time largest philanthropic foundations. For nearly 30 years Asialink has continued to evolve in response to changing Australian and global contexts. Even after three decades a sense of urgency prevails for Asialink’s staff and supporters. Perhaps now more than ever, Australia’s security and prosperity depends on a population comfortable with its geography and sufficiently knowledgeable and skilled to engage effectively with Asian peoples and cultures.

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Asialink: Join us on the Journey

We're proud of the broad scope of Asialink's work across the arts, education, business and diplomatic initiatives.