Asian Perspectives on China’s ‘Grand Design’

Is Australia out of kilter with our region? How aware are we of the genuine transformation taking place? The questions may not have mattered so much in the heyday of our United States Alliance – but today, though we may not always agree with our neighbours, it is increasingly dangerous to be left out of the regional conversation.

Over the last several months Asialink has carried out a research project gathering perspectives from experts in research institutes, universities and government across the Asian region, to see how they are responding to China’s renewed regional and international leadership, or ‘grand design’, as the Chancellor of the University of Malaya, Sultan Nazrin Shah, terms it. We have selected 19 responses from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and India answering a series of questions, and their full responses are below. 

Asialink hopes that these expert opinions will deepen Australian awareness of the vigorous conversations regarding China’s leadership that are underway in Asia. We hope that our initiative will encourage the Australian community to engage more closely in this conversation in our changing region.

Read the full analysis and survey responses.

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