Digital Health in Indonesia: Opportunities for Australia

By Asialink Business

Indonesia's digital health ecosystem is rapidly growing, and this is providing new export opportunities for Australian businesses and new areas for partnerships and collaboration.

At an annual growth rate of 60 per cent, digital health revenues in Indonesia are expected to reach $973 million by 2023. Digital health is playing a key role in both the healthcare systems of Indonesia and Australia.

For Indonesia, the health sector is using technology and the benefits of growing internet connectivity to address complex challenges associated with delivering health services to 260 million people across an archipelago of 17,000 islands. A shortage of health professionals and constraints on physical infrastructure exacerbate the scale of this challenge.

Indonesia Digital Health Report Graphic
Fast Facts: available on pg. 5 of  the'Digital Health in Indonesia: Opportunities for Australia' report. 

Asialink Business and MTPConnect have engaged in first of its kind research that shows Australian digital health businesses have the capacity to increasingly partner, collaborate and deliver innovative solutions to the complex healthcare challenges that Indonesia faces.

This collaboration reflects a shared understanding of the importance of global supply chains and international markets, such as Indonesia, to Australia's medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector.