Asialink Webinar Series: The Changing Media Landscape in Asia

#AsialinkWebinarSeries Explores Media's Role in Framing Asia-Australia Relationship and Navigating Communication Challenges

The media landscape is experiencing rapid change due to a revolution in information technology and mass disruption to traditional media business models. The growth of AI, competition from social media, and changing audience preferences promise to have a profound impact on how we obtain news, what news we see, and the integrity of news.  In this new environment, separating fact from fake poses an increasing challenge for media professionals and audiences alike.

How will the growth of AI impact traditional journalism practices in Asia?  What can media organizations do to mitigate the growth of ‘deepfake’ technology and technology-enabled misinformation? Should the region start now to regulate the impact of AI? And what are the big trends affecting media business development and freedom in Asia?

This is a global trend, but its effects are especially great in Asia, where new media technologies simultaneously enable new ways of communicating and give illiberal governments increased powers of surveillance and control. The opportunities of the technological shift in media sit uncomfortably alongside old worries about press freedom.

On 22 June 2023, our panelists, experts from the field of media and communications, discussed the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities regarding Australia's engagement in the Indo-Pacific and addressed key issues in the region as they occur.

The panelists included:

  • Donald Greenlees (Moderator), Asialink Senior Advisor and Award-Winning Journalist
  • Keith Richburg, Director of the Hong Kong University Journalism and Media Studies Centre and Former Washington Post Regional Correspondent
  • Glenda Gloria, Co-founder and Executive Editor of Rappler
  • Beh Lih Yi, Asia Program Coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists

Watch the webinar: