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This three-day program has been designed in conjunction by The Asia Education Foundation and Independent Schools Victoria.

In 2018, the OECD will assess ‘Global Competence’ for the first time as part of PISA. Global competence is defined as the capacity to analyse global and intercultural issues from multiple perspectives, to understand how differences effect perceptions of self and others and to engage in open and effective interactions with others from different backgrounds in a shared respect for human dignity. This is timely. Never before has our student’s success been so dependent on what happens globally – work is being transformed by new technologies, by global markets and culturally diverse workforces. Of pressing concern, our students will inherit complex global challenges requiring deeper international collaboration to resolve: our environment is at risk, more people are crossing borders and global conflict is on the rise. A new world order is also emerging. China and India are fast becoming the world’s superpowers and Australia’s engagement with Asia continues to grow at a rate much faster than our engagement with the rest of the world. As a consequence, school leaders across Victoria are being challenged to rethink the knowledge, skills and values that students need to be active and informed global citizens equipped to thrive in the diverse and interdependent world that defines the 21st century.

This six-month program enables Principals and Senior Leaders to form a network of learners participating in a blended model of professional learning, including face-to-face and online activities. These activities will provide a new understanding and build leader capacity to advance global capability. This program takes into account the unique context of each school community, and will be customised to accommodate that context for each participating school.

The program includes:
· three full-day, face-to face professional learning workshops
· access to an online resource bank
· online support via a discussion forum
· phone coaching over a six-month period.