AALS 2020 Workshop 3: The Start Up of You


Online event.

  • AALS 2020

COVID-19 has been more than just a health and economic crisis but a societal one, with reports of racism and a strain of nationalism on the rise worldwide – and Australia is no exception. Since the emergence of the pandemic, some Asian-Australians have been made to feel like outsiders, with some questioning their Australianness, identity and sense of belonging.

At this critical time, strong leadership is required, and a renewed emphasis on the importance of  Asian-Australian leadership to safeguard our cohesive society and economic prosperity.

The second Asian-Australian Leadership Summit (AALS) is convened by PwC Australia, Asialink at the University of Melbourne, Johnson Partners and the Australian National University. This year’s Summit, facilitated via an online platform, will host a diverse program of interactive sessions, with the aim of establishing new strategies, new partnerships, and identifying champions of change. The 2020 event will also reveal the results of specially commissioned research.

Our narratives of society, work and family have all shifted dramatically in the past decade - and drastically in the past year. Nothing is certain. Expectations of work have changed on both the supply and demand sides of the equation. Top talent does not want to be tied to climbing the hierarchy ladder on the "work all hours" path, while organisations are looking for creative thinkers - those who can constantly reinvent and change the game. There are no jobs for life.

We often asked ourselves: “Can you have both security and create new opportunities, to remain relevant for both yourself and employers?” The answer is yes. By considering yourself as a start-up, this hands on session will provide a taste of practical tools from Gauri and Melissa that you can apply to open future options for yourself with a manageable level of risk.

Hosted by Melissa Ran, Head of Community, AirTree Ventures.


Gauri Bhalla, Founder, Curious Collective.

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