Capacity Building

Asialink Diplomacy helps build Asian Literacy in Australians from all sectors, including youths and educators, diplomats, and people throughout the private sector.

Asialink Diplomacy works alongside the other pillars to deliver capacity development programs, helping Australians navigate and engage with Asia and the Pacific.

The Asia Education Foundation leads Asialink’s engagement with youths and educators to give them the tools they need to be Asia literate. Alongside the Asia Education Foundation and Amnesty International, Asialink Diplomacy is working to deliver the Victorian Youth Social Change Lab, which empowers young Australians to a make their voices heard and advocate for the issues they care about.

Asialink Diplomacy assist Asialink Business in delivery of the landmark Asialink Leaders Program, Australia’s premier program for building Asia capable leaders. The program equips participants to navigate the opportunities and risks in fast-changing Asia landscape, and connects them to a network of 1000 alumni across the region.

We also worked alongside Asialink Business and the Diplomatic Academy at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to train young Australian diplomats in Asia literacy in a two-day workshop in 2020.