Centre for Australian and New Zealand Studies, Himachal Pradesh University (HPU) - Shimla

HPU is located in Shimla, the former British colonial Summer capital. This cool, quiet hill station is ideal for academic, intellectual and creative pursuits. The Centre for Australian Studies at HPU offers options in Australian Literature from Masters to Doctoral level. The Centre will facilitate networking with scholars, artists and writers within HPU, the nearby Indian Institute of Advanced Study, and further afield. The Centre would welcome a resident who is interested in giving lectures, interviews and workshops to students and research scholars.

Art form/sWriting
Collaborative permitted? Yes
Preferred host dates March – June and September – November
Potential opportunities Workshops and symposiums
Location and transportUniversity located 5 km from the city. Shops nearby and main market 5 km away. Buses to town every 10 minutes and taxis nearby.
FacilitiesInternet, private studio/study room, translation/language service, gallery/theatre
Accommodation provided?HPU can provide accommodation on campus for short-term stays or the host can assist in sourcing appropriate external accommodation
Partners/ families permitted?Yes, provided the children are of an age where they can adjust to a different environment

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