2016 Kuandu Biennale

Asialink Arts in collaboration with Australian curator Glenn Barkley and artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran will participate in the 2016 Kuandu Biennale this September in Taipei.  This biennale adopts an original format where 10 curators, from 10 countries each curate an artist/collective into the biennale.  This structure provides an Australian curator and artist the opportunity to work in an international biennale context with other professionals from across the region and includes a 1-day forum where curators and artists are invited to present on various panels.

Glenn and Ramesh’s involvement in the Kuandu Biennale provides a new voice for ceramics, confirming Australia as a producer of significant and innovative ceramics, unbridled by traditions and technical limitations.

Artist: Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

Curator: Glenn Barkley


Exhibition dates and venue:

30 September - 11 December 2016, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan


2016 Kuandu Biennale



Key images

Participating Artists & Curators:


2. China ZHANG PEILI (Artist) + LU MINGJUN (Curator)

3. Indonesia ASIKIN HASAN (Curator) [Curator in National Gallery, Indonesia] + TROMARAMA (Artist)

4. Japan TSUBAKI NOBORU (Artist) [Professor in Kyoto University of Design & Art] + MOGI KENICHIRO (Curator) [Brain scientist, Senior Researcher in Sony Computer Science Laboratories]

5. Korea LEE DAE-HYUNG (Curator) [Hyundai Motor Company Art Director] + AHN KYUCHUL (Artist)

6. Malaysia NUR HANIM (Curator) + SAMSUDIN WAHAB (Artist)

7. Singapore LEE WENG-CHOY (Curator) [President of the Singapore Section of the International Association of Art Critics] + LIM TZAY CHUEN (Artist)

8. Vietnam NGUYEN NHU HUY (Curator)  [Founder of Zero Station] + NGUYEN PHOUNG LINH (Artist)  [Founder of Nha San Collective]

9. Taiwan LU MING-TE (Artist)  [Former Director of Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University] + LAI YING-YING (Curator) [Professor in Graduate School of Art Management & Culture Policy, National Taiwan University of Arts]

10. Taiwan ZHANG XU-ZHAN (Artist) + GONG JOW-JIUN (Curator) [Associate Professor, Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory, Tainan National University of the Arts]


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The exhibition has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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