Julia Gong

Director, Asialink Arts & Culture

Julia Gong is currently the Director of Asialink Arts & Culture. She obtained her Master of Education (by Research) in 2003 from the Faculty of Education at the University of Melbourne. She joined the University of Melbourne in 2007 as a lecturer at the Confucius Institute. From 2010 to early 2011, Julia worked at the Chinese Teacher Training Centre as Education Programs Coordinator. Due to Julia’s expertise in intercultural understanding and strong education background, Julia was invited to join the Asia Education Foundation to establish the Australia-China BRIDGE Project in 2011.

Julia was also the group leader for a number of study tour programs to China for principals and teachers since 2011, including the Leading Asia Capable Schools in-country program in 2016 & 2017 and the Building Global Citizenship Program in 2018. Julia’s negotiation skills, strong communication skills and her extensive contacts both in China and Australia make her an expert in partnership establishment and development across cultures.

As one of Australia's leading cross-cultural educators and advisors, with over 33 years' language and cross-cultural training experience, Julia has been the leading course developer and key presenter of the cultural intelligence courses offered by Asialink Business and the Confucius Institute. She was also a key member in Asialink Digital Task Force Working Group, leading the design and development of digital content in her program area and online delivery using different platforms.