Australia-Vietnam Green Economy Program

The Australia-Vietnam Green Economy Program, an initiative led by Asialink and Climateworks Centre and supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, aims to foster collaboration between government and business in the green economy. The program will do this by developing commercial opportunities, knowledge, connections and business capabilities for Australian businesses.

The program is dedicated to harnessing the green economy's potential, focusing on sustainable development, the creation of jobs and growth and the transition to renewable resources and net-zero emissions. It will incorporate a series of insightful briefing papers and roundtables, culminating in a capstone summit and training academy. Businesses will gain unparalleled insights into the opportunities and challenges of realising Vietnam and Australia’s shared ambition and imperative to transition to a clean energy economy. The program aims to enhance the enabling environment for trade and investment, foster robust connections, and enhance the knowledge and capabilities of Australian businesses to tap into the green economy.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future.

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Briefing Papers

Navigating the Australia-Vietnam Green Economy

A report by Asialink

Geopolitics is unavoidable when engaging in global business. The green economy is no exception. This briefing paper delves into the strengthening ties between Australia and Vietnam, centred around shared concerns for climate change and its impact. With Australia's potential as a renewable energy superpower, collaboration in the green economy emerges as a key area. The paper explores the political, economic, and geopolitical landscapes, emphasising the need for intensified efforts from both government and business for meaningful cooperation in mitigating climate change effects.

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Decarbonising Vietnam's Energy Generation: Opportunities and Challenges

Vietnam's growing energy demand necessitates significant investments, eyeing renewable sources like solar and wind. This briefing paper touches on the opportunities and the challenges in the energy transition as Vietnam looks to decarbonise its energy generation. Although Australian entities lack a major presence, they hold potential for substantial contributions. Navigating through complex regulatory realms, especially energy pricing structures like Feed-in Tariffs, is crucial for making impactful investments in Vietnam's energy transition.

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AVEG Briefing Paper 3 - Cover

The Supply Chain of Key Decarbonisation Technologies in Vietnam

The significance of diversifying the supply chain is becoming more evident as renewable energy, energy storage, hydrogen and semiconductor technologies become more dominant in the global economy. A potential disruption of the supply chain, such as higher commodity prices, or geopolitical tensions could potentially bring economy-wide repercussions, either delaying the energy transition or making it more expensive.

As a global trade hub with progressive trade policies, Vietnam has an important role to play in global diversification efforts

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Melbourne Roundtable


Asialink and Climateworks hosted two roundtables with industry leaders across the green economy.

Key takeaways from the discussions were:

  • While there are economic challenges due to the pandemic, property market and bond market – the future is promising for Vietnam who has strategically positioned itself in key trade deals
  • The energy shift to clean energy needs major investment. Previous surges in investment like the 2018-2020 “solar boom” shows promise, with success depending on international partnerships
  • Evolving policies encourage investment and the need to develop domestic renewable energy expertise
  • While mitigation efforts are crucial, there's a growing consensus on the need to broaden the scope of the green economy by emphasising both mitigation and adaptation.
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WEBINAR: Vietnam-Australia Green Economy Cooperation - Focus on Business and Sustainable Finance

This upcoming webinar will uncover practical industry insights into sustainable and green business collaboration between Vietnam and Australia. Join the conversation and engage with top-tier industry voices that could inform your business strategy and position your organisation to be a part of Vietnam’s clean energy transition.

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