Dialoguing with Diversity (Melbourne)


ISV Seminar Room, 40 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

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Asia Education Foundation


T: 8344 3590

This one-day program has been designed in conjunction by The Asia Education Foundation and Independent Schools Victoria. It is designed for both school leaders and teachers, to build their capacity to lead and facilitate intercultural dialogue with students.   

Participants will explore the purpose and basic principles of engaging in intercultural dialogue focused on topical issues for which there are multiple, and at times, conflicting perspectives. Dialogue is presented as a teaching and learning tool that can help foster intercultural understanding, inspire co-created solutions and resolve cross-cultural conflict.

Participants will explore:
· key terms and concepts related to culture and cultural diversity
· the purpose of helping students engage in intercultural dialogue
· the principles of engaging in intercultural dialogue around contested issues of concern
· how intercultural dialogue can help foster a culturally responsive school culture
· the use of intercultural dialogue as part of teaching and learning in the humanities, social sciences and in English
· intercultural dialogue as a tool for developing intercultural understanding and tackling cross-cultural conflict.