The Global Classroom (Melbourne)


ISV Seminar Room, 40 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

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Asia Education Foundation

T: 8344 3590

This one-day program has been developed by the Asia Education Foundation in conjunction with Independent Schools Victoria. Designed for teachers to explore new technologies that support connecting students with peers globally. This program offers access to online classroom resources and supports teachers to design, implement and manage collaborations that provide Australian students with the opportunity to connect with peers in Asia and globally.

There is an increasing focus on online global collaboration using digital tools to connect students and teachers with others around the world to support curricular objectives and intercultural awareness and understanding.
Participants will explore: 
· what it mean to be a ‘connected learner’ 
· online resources that provide the opportunity for student learning to go beyond the four walls of the classroom 
· new technologies that enable students to connect and communicate with peers globally · frameworks that support planning and implementation of global classroom projects 
· characteristics of being a digital citizen 
· Intercultural understanding required to connect across cultures.