Discover Indonesia Study Program January 2016

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The third largest democracy in the world, Indonesia has a population of more than 245 million people, made up of hundreds of distinct ethnic groups. Cultural and religious diversity are hallmarks of this nation of islands and our study program aims to provide you with an overview of this incredibly rich and complex society.

A range of experiences will enable teachers and school leaders to explore traditional and contemporary Indonesian culture, learn about environmental issues, disaster management and sustainability discover and engage with contemporary Islam and religious diversity and meet with Indonesian educators.

You will return to the classroom with a much deeper understanding of Indonesia and its people, along with a range of rich resources that will bring the studies of language, science, mathematics, the arts, health and physical education, history, geography, civics and citizenship, and business and economics to life for your students.

This program is ideal for teachers across all learning areas and all levels of Indonesian language ability. Indonesian language is not a specific focus of this study program, however, language-learning opportunities abound throughout the program and daily activities.

Applications for this program are now closed.