The role of Asialink Arts is to develop opportunities for cultural exchange between Australia and Asia and improve the Asia capability of the cultural sector based on the principles of partnership, collaboration and reciprocity.

Phillip Adams BalletLab, AVIARY, MONA FOMA Festival Hobart, 2012. Photo: Jeff Busby

We are a key advocate for promoting policy and debate about cultural engagement with Asia and deliver a range of public programs in Asia and Australia across all art forms. To meet the challenge of the 'Asian Century' the three strategic priorities of Asialink Arts are to:


the ‘next generation’ of arts leaders to develop the skills, knowledge, networks and experience to work effectively and with confidence in Asia.

Develop test and communicate

new models and platforms for creative program delivery to position Australia as a key cultural partner within the region;


to the development of an intellectually rigorous Australian international cultural policy that encompasses cultural diplomacy, market development and creative development.