Canberra Report Launch: An Australia - ROK Roadmap for Development and Promotion of the Rules Based Order

Australia Korea Report Launch Asialink

Date: Tuesday May 2, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Venue:  Australian National University

'An Australia - ROK Roadmap for Development and Promotion of the Rules Based Order' is a major policy-oriented research report on the opportunities for the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Australia to collaborate on the advancement of the regional and international rules-based order (RBO) and the institutional architecture underpinning it.

As two middle powers, the ROK and Australia have mutual interests in the promotion of a set of open and inclusive rules and a system of institutions for the mediation of interstate relations in the region. However, the existing RBO and the institutions that undergird it are progressively being challenged by the dynamics of great power rivalry and the increasingly competitive regional order; the COVID-19 pandemic has also revealed serious shortcomings in global governance frameworks. The growing fragility of the RBO cannot be addressed unilaterally. It is incumbent upon likeminded middle powers in the region to find practical ways to develop a more open and inclusive RBO and promote a transition to a multipolar world.

Conducted by Dr Lauren Richardson, the project has explored the potential for enhancing ROK-Australia collaboration on the development of the regional and global rules and architecture. In doing so, it aims to establish a comprehensive framework for how the two countries can coordinate bilaterally and multilaterally to achieve a more open and inclusive RBO. This framework will provide a roadmap for:

  • Elevating the ROK-Australia bilateral relationship through greater institutional closeness
  • Enhancing the role of Seoul and Canberra in the international system
  • Encouraging the United States—their mutual ally—to deepen its engagement with regional governance and rulemaking.

Asialink has the honour of launching the report on the 2nd of May, 2023, at the Australian National University', alongside the ANU's Korea Institute. The event will run for 2 hours, and consist of an address by Dr Richardson, a panel discussion, and networking with drinks and canapes.

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