Dekat-Dekat Jauh (So Close Yet So Far) – A Conversation Series 2: Scaffolding the Indonesian and Australian Visual Arts Sectors


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Join us for Dekat-Dekat Jauh (So Close Yet So Far), a conversation series about Indonesia-Australia relations in visual arts, presented in collaboration between Saptari Art Consulting and Asialink Arts. Through the lens of visual arts the program aims to ask, ‘what can the arts do to build understanding and trust between nations?’ and, ‘can greater awareness and familiarity of the art produced in a place promote a deeper connection?’.

The upcoming session Scaffolding the Indonesian and Australian Visual Arts Sectors: The Role of Institutions and The Structure of Advocacy invites speakers who are involved in advocacy, governance and delivery of institutional programs that support cross-cultural understanding. The panellists will offer the audience a thought-provoking discussion on how, in their respective positions, they are advocating for increased support including policy change, development of strategic partnerships, the role of education and the importance of engaging the public.


Kate Ryan;

Marcus Schutenko;

Sally Smart;

Farah Wardani.

Moderated by Pippa Dickson – Director, Asialink Arts; and Santy Saptari – Principal, Santy Saptari Art Consulting.

Further information on the speakers and the moderators here.

Follow this link to find out more about the Dekat-Dekat Jauh (So Close Yet So Far) series.

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