QUAD: Perspectives from the Region

In this era of heightened regional competition, multilateral cooperation is more important than ever.

The QUAD, a strategic security dialogue comprised of Australia, The United States, Japan and India, is committed to supporting a free and prosperous Indo-Pacific. What can we expect from the upcoming QUAD Leaders' Summit? Can the QUAD exert influence in the Indo-Pacific? How does the QUAD complement or challenge other regional alignments?

On May 30th, 2023, in Asialink webinar QUAD: Perspective from the Region, Unversity of Malay and Dr. David Brewster, Senior Research Fellow at the National Security College at ANU Dr. Nurliana Kamaruddin, Senior Research Fellow at the National Security College, Australian National University, Dr. David Brewster and Ph.D. Candidate in Japanese Security Studies at Macquarie University, Ryosuke Hanada together have discussed topics such as: How the QUAD can strengthen ties with ASEAN and encourage cooperation, particularly as it is seen as a challenge to ASEAN centrality; the changing face of security in the region and increasing AI technologies; and the QUAD beyond security such as climate mitigation and regional trade. The conversation was moderated by John McCarthy AO, Asialink Senior Advisor and previous Ambassador to the United States, Japan, and High Commissioner to India.