Asialink Arts has been working with residency hosts in Taiwan since 1996. Please click on the years below to view past residents’ profiles.

  • 2018

    Adam John Cullen is a visual artist working with sculpture and installation. Key themes explored across his practice are ideas of commodity exchange and trade, as well as the personal histories of found objects. Recent exhibitions include: Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art (2017); dissolve, Gertrude Contemporary (2017) Bepaume Streetm ALASKA Projects (2016). Based in Taipei Adam continued to explore global commodity exchange by researching the origins of production and cultural significance of local found objects.

    • 2017

      David Brophy is an Australian multidisciplinary artist whose practice has explored phenomenological, spiritual and cultural relationships with water through the lens of surfing. At TAV David will generate work based on studio and field based research into unseen connections to water through indigenous Taiwanese mysticism and contemporary belief systems stemming from Taiwan's diverse cultural heritage.

      Arts conservator Rosie Cook will be based at Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum, working on Chinese glove puppets drawn from the museum’s collections in the lead up to a new international exhibition. The residency will be an opportunity for Rosie to share Australian expertise in heritage conservation and community collaboration, while developing her own materials conservation skills.

    • 2016

      Tim Cole is a filmmaker and music producer specialising in cross cultural indigenous projects, filmed, recorded and produced in the field. He is a Churchill Fellow, Company Member of Circus Oz, and founding member of Not Drowning Waving, and has held key creative rolls on several ARIA & AACTA award-winning projects. During 2016 Tim visited twelve countries, including Taiwan, working with indigenous artists and endangered communities, collecting footage, stories and songs from Madagascar to Hawaii. Based at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Tim will reviewed and produced this collection into multimedia content, creatively reuniting Taiwan’s living indigenous heritage.

      Kimberley Pace is a multidisciplinary artist from Perth. After graduating from Edith Cowan University in 2011 where she completed a BA of Arts, she went on to complete a MA of Arts by Research degree at the same university. She is currently a sessional academic in Contemporary Fashion at ECU, WA. Although Kimberley’s current artist practice is garment based, her inquiry of the body as an in-between condition occurs through a multidisciplinary approach that includes sculpture, video, performance, and sound. At AiR Taipei, Kimberley extended this inquiry with specific focus on gaze and the body.

    • 2015
      • Taiwan_15_Sally Richardson_resized
        Sally Richardson (WA)

        Department of AIR, Taipei Culture Foundation

        Supported by The Department of Culture and The Arts, WA & The Australia-China Council

      Sally Richardson is an award winning writer, director, choreographer, producer and arts consultant. Productions of her work have been produced nationally and internationally. Sally is a past recipient of an Australia Council for the Arts Dramaturgy Fellowship (2006) and a Creative Arts Fellowship (DCA, WA 2008). She was a member of the Theatre Board of the Australia Council for the Arts (2001-2005) and is currently a peer advisor for DCA, WA, the Australia Council for the Arts and the Helpmann Awards (Theatre). She is Artistic Director of Steamworks Arts, works for Yirra Yaakin Aboriginal Theatre Company and has been a core artist with Performing Lines WA since 2008. In Taipei, Sally will develop her practice through engaging with local artists and learning about Taiwanese performing art forms.

    • 2014
      • Taiwan_14_Claire Bushby
        Claire Bushby (WA)

        AIR Taipei Culture Foundation

        Supported by The Australia-China Council

      Claire Bushby was born in Perth, Western Australia. She graduated with a BA Arts (Visual Arts Honours) from Edith Cowan University in 2005, and is currently completing a MA Arts (Visual Arts) at the same university. She is currently Curator at Heathcote Museum & Gallery in Western Australia and forms one half of collaborative duo Claire². Though based in textiles, Claire’s work explores a range of mediums including painting, drawing, installation and new media. At AIR Taipei, Claire will further her research on multiple authorship, collective production and participatory work.

    • 2013
      • Taiwan_13_Cath Brophy
        Cath Brophy (NSW)

        AIR Taipei Culture Foundation

        Supported by The Australia-China Council

      Cath Brophy’s drawing installations explore the experience of constructed space evoked by our everyday interaction with architecture - referencing its scale and formal elements, while creating a complex, disrupted illusion of space. Brisbane-born, Cath studied in London and Sydney and has exhibited in solo and group shows in both England and Australia. During her residency at Taipei Artists Village, Cath intends to delve into the complex history of Taiwan, encapsulated in both the traditional Chinese and colonial influences on the architecture of the island. She plans to create a body of work based on the structural components of this blend of building styles and the unique overlay of ornamental elements, indicative of the diverse influences on Taiwanese culture.

    • 2012
      • Taiwan_12_Andrea Tu
        Andrea Tu (VIC)

        AIR Taipei Culture Foundation

        Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

      Different forms of representation, and their juxtaposition, is the primary focus of Andrea Tu’s practice. She currently lectures in Drawing at the Victorian College of Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne. During her residency at Treasure Hill Artists Village, Andrea will utilise Taiwan’s cultural archives to examine how various symbolic languages influence and play off one another. The imagery sourced from art history and the local environment will be used to generate a series of works that extends or activates the originals in new and dynamic ways.

      • Taiwan_12_Chris Cobilis
        Christopher Cobilis (WA)

        M.O.V.E. Theatre

        Supported by The Department of Culture and the Arts, WA & The Australia-China Council

      Chris Cobilis is a composer / improviser living and working in Perth, Western Australia. In addition to working in numerous bands including The Tigers and smRts, Cobilis has contributed original music to film, dance and theatre. As an improviser he has performed internationally, including tours of Taiwan in 2009 and 2010. His return to Taiwan will see a pairing with hosts MOVE Theatre Company as they develop new work in 2012. Cobilis will introduce sound recording and improvisation to MOVE's production process via workshops, field missions and writing sessions. The resulting collaboration will be performed in Taiwan in 2012 in the final weeks of his residency.

    • 2011
      • Taiwan_11_Antoanetta Ivanova
        Antoanetta Ivanova (VIC)

        Museum of Contemporary Art

        Supported by Arts Victoria & The Australia Council for the Arts

      From 2001 –10 Antoanetta Ivanova was Director of Novamedia, Australia’s first media art agency. In 2010 Antoanetta was the guest curator of the first Australian media art exhibition at Art Taipei. Her residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei will enable a deeper engagement with Taiwan’s dynamic media arts community. Antoanetta seeks to create opportunities for showcasing Australian media art overseas and realise exchange projects between Australian and international counterparts for knowledge sharing and intercultural cooperation.

      • Taiwan_11_Ella Barclay
        Ella Barclay (NSW)

        AIR Taipei Culture Foundation

        Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

      Ella Barclay is concerned with the impulsive and intuitive behaviours brought about by new technologies. She is a board member at runway magazine and has recently exhibited throughout regional New South Wales. At Treasure Hill Artist Village Ella will explore the city’s complex Asian, European and Polynesian cultural and political past. She will produce a site-specific installation that employs projection, water tanks and fog, and will use the city of Taipei as her muse.

    • 2010
      • Taiwan_10_Lisa_Adam
        Lisa Griffiths & Adam Synnott (NSW)

        Dance Forum Taipei

        Supported by Arts NSW & The Australia Council for the Arts

      Lisa Griffiths and Adam Synnott are two of Australia's most exciting dance artists, collectively working with companies Leigh Warren + Dancers, Chunky Move and Sue Healey Company. They have presented their works at the Sydney Opera House Studio, Performance Space, Electrofringe Festival and Serial Space. Their work employs a strong focus on digital media technologies and a distinctive style of partner work, which is grounded in dynamism and energy deflection techniques. At Dance Forum Taipei they will exchange collaborative choreographic skills and use the experience as a stepping-stone to developing an inter-cultural practice.

      • Taiwan_10_Simon_Cooper
        Simon Cooper (NT)

        Taipei Artist Village

        Supported by Arts NT and the Australia Council for the Arts

      Based in Darwin, Simon Cooper is a multi-disciplinary artist who works primarily in sculpture and photography. He has participated in residencies and exhibitions in Australia and abroad, including Thailand, India and Vietnam. Cooper completed his Masters at the College of Fine Art, Sydney, in 2007 and currently teaches in the School of Creative Art and Humanities, Charles Darwin University. He is also a board member of 24HR Art, NT. As artist in residence at Taipei Artists Village, he will produce sculpture in response to Taiwan’s unique relationship to clothing and costume.

    • 2009
      • Taiwan_09_Julie Bartholomew
        Julie Bartholomew (NSW)


        Supported by Arts NSW and The Australia Council for the Arts

      An artist and educator in the inter-disciplinary practice of sculptural porcelain and digital media, Julie Bartholomew has participated in exhibitions and residencies in Australia and Asia including Tokyo (Australia Council), Beijing and Shanghai (Australia Council and Australia-China Council). Her work was shown in the Wollongong City Gallery exhibition Zhongjian:Midway, which tours China and Australia during 2009-10. Bartholomew completed her Doctorate at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney, in 2006. At the Taipei Artists Village she developed new work for Vanishing Ground, a digital/object installation documenting community life in public spaces across Asia. It examines the impact of rapidly expanding consumerism on communal spaces that are central to cultural identity.

    • 2008
      • Taiwan_08_Jayne Dyer_hs
        Jayne Dyer (NSW)

        Taipei Artist Village

        Supported by Arts NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts

      Jayne Dyer's practice is multi-disciplined with an installation focus. Extensive national and international exhibitions and awards include regular participation in curated exhibitions and projects in Asia; residencies in Hong Kong (Lingnan University), Beijing (Asialink), Paris (Art Gallery of NSW) and Italy (Monash University) and commissions for the 2006/7 Sydney Writers Festival. In 2005 she received an Australian Public Service Medal for contributions to the arts and education. At Taipei Artist Village Dyer developed new work for the projects Treasured Possessions and I Wish - photographic and text essays addressing perception and identity through intersecting personal narratives from Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

    • 2007
      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Penny Cain (NSW)

        Taipei Artist Village

        Supported by Arts NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts

      Penny Cain is a cross-disciplinary artist who works primarily with video, photography and installation, exhibiting widely across Australia. She is interested in the effect of contemporary culture and the built environment on the human condition. Cain has been using the ‘city' as a frame of reference and has been examining the adaptive expression of basic human instincts to contemporary life and urban environment. At the Taipei Artists Village Cain completed an installation piece for the Winter artist-in-residence exhibition “Citylogue”. She also developed new video and multimedia work reflecting on the language and environmental differences between Australia and Taiwan.

    • 2006
      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Megan Keating (TAS)

        Taipei International Artists Village

        Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts & Arts Tasmania

      Megan Keating’s practice includes painting, installation and paper cutting. She has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and her work is held in the collections of Artbank, BHP Billiton and the Australian Embassy, Beijing. At the Taipei International Artists Village, Keating undertook a broad range of activities, extending her practice to include performance, collaboration and site-specific outdoor installation work. She participated in two major exhibitions, Loop and In Dreams Begin Responsibilities as well as two performances. Keating also gave workshops, artist talks and held an open studio.

    • 2004
      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Paul Caporn (WA)

        Taipei Artists’ Village

        Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

      Working primarily in the fields of sculpture, animation, video and installation, Paul Caporn‘s work engages with scientific themes within the museum. During Paul Caporn’s residency at the Taipei Artists’ Village in Taiwan he mounted a solo exhibition at the Taipei Arts Festival, collaborated in a short film, participated in a group exhibition and developed new video works where he explored robotics and made collaborative work with Taiwanese artists.

    • 2003
      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Kelli McClusky & Steven Bull (pvi collective) (WA)

        Taipei Artists’ Village

        Supported by Arts Western Australia, The Australia Council for the Arts and ANAT

      Founded in 1996, pvi collective produce art combining elements of performance, video & installation with public acts of intervention. In 2002 pvi collective undertook a residency at Taipei Artists’ Village in Taiwan. Involving the public, local art students, other artists and staff from the village, pvi worked towards orchestrating a live art event at the underground rail network stations in Taipei. From this event flowed a new media installation, Panopticon: Taipei which attempted to actively reclaim a sense of control over the public spaces we inhabit and the technologies we use.

    • 2002
      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Chuan (Leslie) Zhao (NSW)

        Taipei International Artists Village

        Supported by the Australia China Council, Australia Council and the Taipei City Government

      Chuan Zhao is a non-fiction writer who has published two books of essays in Chinese, Bu Qi Jia Yuan ‘Not giving up the years’ and Hai Wai: Ren ‘Overseas: People’, as well as numerous articles and stories appearing in Chinese, Taiwanese and Australian media. Hosted by the Taipei International Artists Village, Zhao developed an anthology of cultural essays, Standing on Two Boats. He also wrote and directed his first theatre work which drew large crowds and a substantial media response and participated in the 2002 Hong Kong and Macau International Literary Festival. He represented Australia and exchanged ideas and also shared his passion for literature with writers from many countries.

      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Michelle Glaser & Katie Major (WA)

        Taipei Artists Village

        Supported by Arts WA, the Australia China Council and the Australia Council for the Arts

      Michelle Glaser and Katie Major are curators working principally with new technologies through their company Art To Go. At the time of the residency Glaser was the Development Manager of Awesome Arts Australia, Perth and Major was the Gallery and Marketing Manager for the University of Sydney. In Taiwan they were based at the Taipei International Artists Village where they attended events and performances, networked with the contemporary arts community and visited key arts organizations, in particular those working in contemporary new media. On returning to Australia they have continued their collaboration with Taiwanese curators and artists to develop a range of projects.

    • 2000
      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Peter Sheedy (SA)

        National Institute of the Arts & The Cross-over Dance Company

        Supported by Arts SA and the Australia Council for the Arts

      Peter Sheedy is a dancer, choreographer who at the time of the residency was working with the Centre for the Performing Arts in Adelaide. His previous experience included Leigh Warren and Dancers, Chrissie Parrott Dance Company, Dance North, Human Veins, as well as a residency at the Choreographic Centre, Canberra and developing site-specific choreographic works for Leigh Warren and Dancers at the Maritime Museum in 1999. During his residency Sheedy worked with the Department of Dance at the National Institute of the Arts, Taipei and The Cross-over Dance Company.

    • 1997
      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Cazerine Barry

        National Institute of the Arts

        Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

      Cazerine Barry is a dancer/choreographer who combines contemporary dance with multimedia and aerial work. Barry worked with the Dance Department of the National Institute of the Arts, Taipei taking dance and video workshops and also created a promotional video of the School. She was Australia’s representative in the Little Asia Dance Network in 1999 which involved Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and Taiwan.

    • 1996
      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Csaba Buday (SA)

        National Institute of the Arts

        Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts South Australia

      At the time of the residency Csaba Buday was a member of the Leigh Warren and Dancers, having previously worked as a dancer and choreographer with Dance North and the Australian Dance Theatre. Buday worked with the Dance Department of the National Institute of the Arts, Taipei to develop a collaboration with students from the NIA and Adelaide’s Centre for Performing Arts.

      • SRichardson_15_Location+filming.jpg+by+Shantel+Liao_detail
        Jo Porter (NSW)

        Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Centre

        Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and the Myer Foundation

      Jo Porter was the first Asialink arts management resident to Taiwan, working with the Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Centre in Taipei in 1996. Porter was, at that time, Touring and Special Projects Manager with the Sydney Theatre Company and had also worked with Sydney Festival and Carnivaleas as Program Manager.  Following her residency, Porter continued working on touring projects internationally including the 1997 tour of David Helfgott for International Concert Attractions.