Asialink Arts has been working with residency hosts in China since 1992. Please click on the years below to view past residents’ profiles.

  • 2021

    sonicbridge - Australia and China contemporary music connections

    The Merindas The Merindas, filmed during the writing process.

    Through a series of virtual conversations and a process of short iterative film making, deeper understanding was fostered, lasting relationships were forged and a legacy for the whole music industry created, modelling new possibilities for creative exchanges and real life engagements in the sector.

    Over 6 months, Melbourne based musical duo, The Merindas, and, Shii, an emerging electronic music artist based in Wuhan, generously and candidly shared experiences and stories, developing a dialogue around their creative lives. The artists explored and defined the key themes important to them, such as their mutual interest in collaborating with other creative women, and the challenges and opportunities of relocating to other cities in their home countries as well as travelling domestically and internationally for work. In their candid and globally resonant, locally idiosyncratic, conversations they discussed the tactics they use to promote their work, their studio craft, their networks and the pragmatics of performing. Through their encounters and filmic recordings the artists have sketched a professional blueprint for other emerging artists both in their home country and abroad.

    View the films here at

    知音 sonicbridge was led by industry experts Fred Leone (Melbourne and Brisbane) and Nevin Domer (Shanghai and Beijing), who collaborated with industry peers to select artists from both Australia and China for a unique opportunity to build peer to peer relationships. Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on international mobility the artists undertook a digital exchange with a series of real time meetings and film projects over a period of 6 months. The exchange and lasting films created insights, built new connections and developed capability for the artists and the broader sector through the sharing of personal narrative, inspirations, and challenges they face and overcome in their sector.

    The program launched with an interview with Leone and Domer and then shortly after an introduction was made to the participating artists. In the curated interview with Leone and Domer, their process of selecting the musicians, their hopes for the program and their own experience of working as artists and creative facilitators in cross-cultural contexts was be explored.

    Previous event information

    Myf Warhurst

    Myf Warhurst is a TV presenter, broadcaster, journalist, and writer. She is currently hosting weekday lunch nationwide on ABC radio’s Double J, and is also a weekly columnist for The Guardian.

    Myf is best known for her role as Team Captain on one of Australia’s most-loved television shows, Spicks & Specks which ran for seven seasons, as well as DJ and broadcaster for ABC radio’s triplej.

    In her spare time Myf is also an Ambassador for Melbourne animal shelter Animal Aid and Wildlife Victoria. Myf regularly participates in industry talks, conferences and events. She is also an experienced MC for all types of organisations and a spokesperson for different initiatives.

    Fred Leone

    Fred Leone is one of the three Butchulla Song men; the Butchulla tribe through his grandmother's line covers Kgari (Fraser Island), Hervey Bay, Maryborough and the surrounding areas of the Fraser Coast. He is also Garawa on his grandfather’s line, Garawa country running across the Queensland /Northern Territory border. He also has Tongan and South Sea Islander heritage.

    Fred is committed to social change and social justice, particularly applying his skills and knowledge to support the strength, status and development of Indigenous culture. Through his music, language and dance, Fred is also focused on enriching the lives of young people in the areas of positive leadership, self-expression, self-confidence, self-pride and pride in communities and culture.

    “To be able to give indigenous artists, grassroots artists but also emerging artists the skills and the industry contacts to navigate their path and their niche is really important so they won’t have to reinvent the wheel. The importance of this exchange goes far beyond one-off sort of workshop, it is creating international links by helping build the skills of the artists.”
    Fred Leone

    Nevin Domer

    Nevin Domer has been working in the Chinese music industry since 2005. He managed the bookings at legendary rock venue D-22 and helped found two of China's top indie labels, Maybe Mars and Genjing Records, where he oversaw promotion, production, and distribution. Through these two labels, he has worked as an executive producer on recordings with Wharton Tiers, Andy Gill, Martin Atkins, and Brian Hardgroove. Nevin has also tour managed several international bands in China, including Die! Die! Die! (NZ), Primitive Calculators (AUS), and Psychic Ills (US).

    While organizing tours for Chinese acts in the US, Australia, and Europe. Nevin currently researches the history and development of Chinese punk while still managing to record and tour with his band, actively participating in a scene he loves.

    “Building those cultural bridges and allowing artists from each country to interact with each other and connect with audiences in each country is important. This sort of exchange, allowing them to move not just vertically up in their own market but horizontally into other markets is important. Both will allow them to gain skills for their own music but also for inspirations in what’s happening in other communities.” — Nevin Domer

    The Merindas

    The Merindas are the collective force of Nyoongar Ballardong Whadjuk woman Kristel Kickett (from Tammin, WA) and Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage (born in Darwin, NT). Based in Melbourne, these soul sisters are set to trail-blaze their innovative style of Indigenous music. They describe their unique sound as “electronic pop with a dance-hall feel, alongside hip hop and R&B influences.”

    With two singles under their belt (We Sing Until Sunrise and Before Daylight), their hotly anticipated debut album ‘We Sing Until Sunrise (“Ngangk Ngoorndiny Ngala Warangka – strongly reflects that we are forever singing, forever dancing and forever celebrating our culture”)’ and their new self-produced single ‘Déjà vu’ were released in 2020. This is the essence of who The Merindas are and the ethos they bring to each of their performances.

    Shii is an electronic music project started in 2014 by Shiyi Xiang. Performing livesets with a combination of synthesizer, voice, and video projections her music is based on simple melodies and synthesized sound. With leaping drums and alluring voicals, she constructs a dreamy atmosphere integrating the genres of IDM, glitch, Dream Pop and Dark Wave. Her fantastical imagination, unique thoughts and sound lines will lead you into a new auditory domain.

    Shii has recently released her first official album, Floating Signifiers on Merrie Records and completed a 10 stop tour of China, as well as a collaborative music and performance show with Chinese dancer Nee.

  • 2019

    Victoria-Jiangsu Sister-State Artist Exchange

    Professor Xu Fei, from Nanjing University of the Arts, and Victorian artist Dane Lovett met in China in September 2019, as Dane embarked on a six-week residency at the newly established Points Centre for Contemporary Art in Jinxi, Jiangsu Province.

    The artists reconnected in Victoria in November 2019, when Xu Fei was hosted on a six-week residency at the Victoria College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. The artists shared the stage at a public conversational event, where they reflected on the opportunities the exchange had offered for concentrated research, professional development and intercultural awareness. As part of the exchange, the artists were each commissioned to create an artwork to be formally gifted to their host state, as creative testament to the success of the Sister-State relationship.

    "After I arrived in Melbourne, it wasn’t long before I noticed that the opening line of all formal occasions is the Acknowledgement of Country, showing respect for Aboriginal culture and heritage. As I had come to Australia as an artist in residence, the idea of “residents” really struck me... That question can relate to the ownership of the earth, to issues between people who share the living space, and to relationships between humans and nature..."

    Xu Fei, recipient of the Victoria-Jiangsu Sister-State Artist Exchange, 2019.

    The program included the reciprocal acquisition of artworks by the artists, with Victorian artist Dane Lovett’s work being gifted to Jiangsu province, and Nanjing artist Xu Fei’s work being gifted to the State of Victoria.

    Victoria-Jiangsu Sister-State Artist Exchange: a joint initiative of the Victorian and Jiangsu Governments.

    Asialink Arts are supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


    Mr Tim Dillon, Commissioner - Greater China for the State Government of Victoria; Artists, Mr Dane Lovett and Professor Xu Fei; Deputy Director General of Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office, Mr Liu Jiandong at Points Centre for Contemporary Art, China.

    Asialink Arts congratulates Mr. Dane Lovett and Mr. Xu Fei as the successful recipients of the Victoria — Jiangsu Sister-State Artist Exchange.

    Dane Lovett was a finalist for the Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize in 2017. He was winner of the RBS Emerging Art Prize in 2010 and the Qantas Spirit Of Youth Award (SOYA) in 2005. Dane will travel to Jiangsu in September to embark on a six-week artist-in-residence at Points Centre for Contemporary Art in the ancient water town of Jinxi. During his time in Jiangsu Dane will also be hosted by Nanjing University of the Arts. Dane will pursue research into ink and wash painting in the creation of a series of large scale oil paintings based on his time in Jiangsu.

    Dane Lovett  Foxglove 1  2018  Oil on aluminium composite panel  150 x 100 cm
    Dane Lovett
    Foxglove 1  2018
    Oil on aluminium composite panel
    150 x 100 cm


    I wish to examine the ‘Six Principles of Chinese Painting’ (developed c.550). In particular, the sixthprinciple ‘Transmission by Copying,’ which refers not only to copying from life but also the worksof history. I will explore the traditional master-pupil relationship, that sees the master demonstrating as the pupil copies over and over again until they are able to reproduce the workfrom memory. I hope to draw parallels between my own practice of creating repetitive paintings,whether based on art-history, pop-culture or self-referential imagery.

    Dane Lovett  Installation view, Dog Show  STATION, Melbourne 2018 Dane Lovett
    Installation view, Dog Show
    STATION, Melbourne 2018

    Victoria looks forward to welcoming Mr. Xu Fei later in September. Xu Fei holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from Nanjing University of the Arts and a Master’s degree in Decoration Art Design from Nanjing Normal University. Xu Fei was selected for the 2019 Best Young Artists Nomination Exhibition and the National Sculpture Art Exhibition and in 2017 he received third place in the Jiangsu Province Professional Art Award for the Best Art Award. He is held in the collection at the Jiangsu Art Musuem. Xu Fei is an Associate Professor of the Sculpture Institute, Nanjing University of the Arts. Xu Fei will be hosted by The Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

    Xu Fei
    Migrant Workers 2019

    Comprehensive material 180 x 50 x 90cm

    The State of Victoria and Jiangsu Province in China are celebrating 40 years of a sister-state relationship. Over four decades since 1979, Victoria and Jiangsu have worked together across a range of sectors, including science, technology and innovation, creative arts, and education. This reciprocal artist exchange program is part of the 40th anniversary celebrations. It is an opportunity for research, professional and creative development and to deepen cultural understanding. The artists will meet in-country to develop an understanding of one another’s artistic practice. The Victoria — Jiangsu Sister-State Artist Exchange is generously supported by the Victorian Government and the Jiangsu Provincial Government.

    Asialink Arts are supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

    Jinxi Ancient Town
    Points Centre for Contemporary Art in Jinxi Ancient Town


  • 2018

    Mirandi Riwoe is the author of The Fish Girl and She be Damned. She holds a PhD from Queensland University of Technology. Her novel The Fish Girl was shortlisted for the 2018 Stella Prize. At the Shanghai Writers' Centre Mirandi researched and developed her new novel Gold Mountain Woman exploring women and Chinese gold diggers in 19th century North Queensland.

    Josephine Wilson is an acclaimed author. Her novel Extinctions, won the 2017 Miles Franklin Award and the 2017 Colin Roderick Award. In 2018 Wilson's first novel, Cusp (2005), will be re-released, and her non-fiction essay exploring international adoption, forthcoming in The Dangerous Book of Mothers. During her exchange Josephine wrote a new work of non-fiction that begins with the adoption of a child.

  • 2017


    David Musgrave is a widely anthologised poet, author and founder of Puncher & Wattmann Publishing House. At The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies, David will research  Chinese poetry to inform his new collection, and explore future avenues for publishing partnerships and collaborations.

    Kane Forbes is a theatre-maker, facilitator and writer with two decades experience in performance and management. While in Shanghai, Kane will develop resources for artists working between China and Australia as well as a new contemporary theatre production for young people and their families.

    Kim Machan is founding director of MAAP-Media Art Asia Pacific, developing major curatorial projects in Australia and the Asian region since 1998. While based at the media art and architectural design focused OCAT Shanghai, Kim will explore new project opportunities and develop a new collaborative exhibition in partnership with the museum.

    Shian Law will be based at Q-Space in Beijing, a new grassroots collective space dedicated to the empowerment of LGBTQ+ and women through arts and intercultural exchange. The Melbourne based artist will undertake research for a new performance and conduct training at the Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera.

  • 2016

    A child of 1960s China, Zhiling Gao is a freelance interpreter, literary translator, language teacher, author and broadcaster. She has taught courses in Chinese language and culture at Melbourne University and has translated narratives and poems. Zhiling’s short story ‘Mao’s Great Mangifera Parade’ won the Victorian Writers’ Centre’s Grace Marion Wilson award. Her recent work, ‘A Bag of Power’, set in Inner Mongolia, explores the behaviour of ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. Zhiling will extended this into a book-length literary work during her residency at The Bookworm, Beijing.

    Prue Venables’ practice as an exhibiting ceramic artist spans over 35 years. Winner of numerous awards, her work is included in many national and international public and private collections. She has exhibited widely in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and America. At The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, Prue learnt ancient Chinese onglaze enamel techniques, and extended her experimental firing practices, enabling increased scale and complexity of new works.

    Luke Hutchinson is an Australian with Dutch-Indonesian and Chinese heritage who is interested in how people of multiple cultural backgrounds sustain various aspects of their cultural identity. He is a production designer and visual artist and holds a Master of Production Design, with Advanced Diplomas in visual art and multimedia. Alongside his art practice, Luke has designed several short films that have received acclaim in international film festivals, including Berlin and Cannes. During his residency with Organhaus in Chongqing, Luke created a multi-media video installation exploring how one culture perceives another through various information and media streams.

  • 2015
    • China_15_Adam Narnst_resized
      Adam Narnst (QLD)

      Shanghai Writers' Association

      Supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation

    Adam Narnst is a writer, teacher, performer and former cage fighter. He has been published nationally and internationally in The Griffith Review, Wet Ink and Antique Children and Best Australian Stories 2014. He has taught at schools and universities in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Shanghai and has performed and spoken on panels at the Ubud and Brisbane Writers Festivals and Steve Bisley's An Afternoon of Stories. He has been heavily involved with writing groups in Queensland for almost a decade. His first novel is currently under consideration with Allen & Unwin. At Shanghai Writers' Association Adam will complete his second novel and work with local writers on a series of workshops and readings.

    • China_15_CristinaTridente
      Cristina Tridente (SA)

      China Council For The Promotion Of International Trade

      Supported by Arts SA

    Cristina Tridente is director of fashion label couture+love+madness and coordinator of Adelaide Fashion Festival. She has won a number of competitions in Australia and was the first Australian designer invited to show her collection in Qingdao. Four years of travelling to China to source textiles has resulted in a strong desire to learn more of the Asian aesthetic and to collaborate with designers from China. Hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Cristina will collaborate with a local designer to explore Australian and Chinese creative processes and aesthetics.

    • China_15_Nick Verso
      Nicholas Verso (VIC)

      Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

      Supported by The Australia-China Council

    Nicholas Verso is a writer, filmmaker, director and editor who has worked in film and television. His short film The Last Time I Saw Richard won several awards, including Best Short Film at the 2014 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards. Nicholas explores dark themes in his work in the hope of uncovering something beautiful lurking within the shadows and bringing it to light. At Three Shadows Photography Art Centre Nicholas will develop, write and storyboard a new fantasy feature film script. He will also research robotics in creating design prototypes for the film.

  • 2014
    • China_14_James Gus Clutterbuck
      James (Gus) Clutterbuck (SA)

      The Pottery Workshop

      Supported by The Australia-China Council

    Gus Clutterbuck is a ceramicist, community arts worker, and educator. He has exhibited internationally in Croatia, India and China. Gus was awarded Special Prize for his work Plastic Geology in the Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale, Incheon, South Korea, 2011. He has been artist in residence in schools across Australia, including remote aboriginal communities in South Australia. Clutterbuck’s practice examines perceptions toward remote desert communities. By casting ceramic forms from discarded objects collected in the desert, his work contemplates the disjuncture between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures. During a self-initiated residency at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China, Gus will base himself in the historical centre of Chinese porcelain and the nucleus of hundreds of skilled porcelain artists.

    • China_14_Julienne Van Loon
      Julienne Van Loon (VIC)

      Peking University

      Supported by The Australia-China Council

    Julienne van Loon is a prominent Australian writer of fiction and non-fiction. Her first novel, Road Story, won the prestigious Australian Vogel Award and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writer's Prize Best First Book category (Asia and Pacific Region). Her non-fiction appears regularly in Griffith Review. Julienne’s most recent book is Harmless (Fremantle Press 2013), a novella set between Australia and Thailand and based on a selection of Jataka tales from the Theravada Buddhist tradition. She will use her residency at Peking University to commence a new work of long fiction that reinterprets several traditional stories of early Buddhist nuns.

  • 2013
    • China_13_Alan Carter
      Alan Carter (WA)

      Shanghai Writers’ Association

      Supported by The Department of Culture and the Arts, WA

    Alan Carter’s debut crime novel Prime Cut won the prestigious Ned Kelly Crimewriting Award in 2011 for Best First Fiction and was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger award in 2010.  Alan is also an established director of TV documentaries including the groundbreaking SBS series Winds of Change, developed in partnership with film-makers from a number of Asian countries.  During his residency at the Shanghai Writers’ Association, Alan will research and draft his third crime fiction novel set partly in and around Shanghai. Alan will engage with local writers and readers to further develop his craft.

    • China_13_Leanne Hall
      Leanne Hall (VIC)

      Peking University

      Supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation

    Leanne Hall is the author of two novels for young adults, the Text Prize-winning This Is Shyness and its sequel Queen of the Night. Leanne has had shorter work published in Meanjin, The Age, Best Australian Stories, Sleepers Almanac, Kill Your Darlings, and the anthology Growing Up Asian In Australia.   Leanne will use her residency at Peking University to research and begin a young adult fantasy novel focusing on real and virtual migrations and connections between China and the Chinese diaspora in the West.

    • China_13_Tim Darbyshire
      Tim Darbyshire (VIC)

      Rhizome, Lijing Art Centre

      Supported by Arts Victoria

    Tim is a choreographer and performer. He creates sculptural and perceptually challenging experiences by working within collaborative frameworks specific to each project. His projects examine tension between humorous and melancholic states and evoke surreal and fragile grey areas. His current performance works include More or Less Concrete and Stampede the Stampede.  In China, at Rhizome Lijiang Art Center, he will research sensational extremes through phenomenon such as pain, spiritual connectivity, physical endurance and environmental turbulence. He will meet Chinese performance artists, train in traditional Kung fu forms, research turbulent events and develop new choreography.

  • 2012
    • Stephen Eastaugh (WA)

      24HR Art International Residency Program, Huantei Art City

      Supported by DCA, WA & The Australia-China Council

    As a nomadic artist who has spent 3 decades travelling, Eastaugh will use the Beijing Huantei Art City studio as a base for his 2012 ventures. The aims of his residency range from researching new landscape work to revitalising contacts in Asia. ‘Shan shui’ or ‘Mountains-water’ is the working title of the artwork to be produced in China. This is a direct translation of the Chinese term for landscape, a topic that has continually stimulated his work.  What type of landscape and what manner of artwork to be produced will all be decided in the rapidly changing city of Beijing.

      • Toni Jordan (VIC)

        Peking University

        Supported by The Australia-China Council & The Australia Council for the Arts

      Toni Jordan is the author of Fall Girl and Addition, which was longlisted for the Miles Franklin award and has been published in 16 countries and 12 languages. Toni teaches in RMIT’s acclaimed Professional Writing and Editing program. During her residency at Peking University, Beijing she will research and begin a novel that focuses on non-verbal communication and cultural differences; and collect images, impulses and connections that explore the limitations of language as a vehicle for communication to broaden her future work.

  • 2011
    • China_11_Jo Dudley
      Joanna Dudley (SA)

      Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and the Australia-China Council

    Joanna Dudley works internationally as a director and performer. She demonstrates a long-term interest in Chinese arts and culture having studied Mandarin and the singing style of Chinese folk music. In 2003 she performed this singing style with the contemporary Les Ballets C de la B who toured China and Korea. During her residency at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre Joanna hopes to inspire a new series of works for Opera Australia.

    • China_11_Linda Neil
      Linda Neil (QLD)

      Shanghai Writing Program

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts & Arts NSW

    Linda Neil is a writer, musician and producer with a PhD in Creative Writing. In 2009 Linda was the ABC National Radiophonic artist in residence and also released her first book Learning How to Breathe. Her work considers the significance of music across a range of contexts. Her residency project with the Shanghai Writing Program, entitled Singing Love Songs in China, will enable Linda to explore songs and music about connection, intimacy, cohesion and cooperation in both traditional and contemporary China.

    • China_11_Marcus Westbury
      Marcus Westbury (VIC)

      Peking University

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts & Arts Victoria

    Marcus Westbury is a writer, broadcaster and media maker. His writings and essays have been published in many Australian newspapers, journals and magazines and he has written and presented programs on ABC radio and television. After visiting Beijing in 2009 Marcus took a keen interest in the changing cultural dynamics of the city and he will use his residency with Peking University to explore and write about these themes.

    • China_11_Rebecca Allen
      Rebecca Allen (SA)

      Hong Kong Fringe Club

      Supported by Arts NT & The Australia Council for the Arts

    Rebecca Allen has worked with Australia’s leading performing arts companies as stage manger, company manager and producer, including the Sydney and Melbourne Theatre Companies and Sydney and Adelaide Festivals. Recently Rebecca was the Creative Producer of the Darwin Festival. A main aim of Rebecca’s residency at Hong Kong Fringe Club is to develop international networks that can be used to give exposure to Northern Australian artists. Rebecca hopes to explore bilateral exchanges between Chinese and Australian artists, specifically Indigenous artists.

    • China_11_Tina Gonsalves
      Tina Gonsalves (QLD)

      Platform China

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts & Arts Queensland

    Tina Gonsalves boasts a PhD from the Creativity and Cognition Studios, the University of Sydney. She has been awarded numerous residencies in Canada, Prague, Bangkok, Thailand, Japan, London, Finland, Germany and the United States. Tina’s practice merges art, technology and science and responds to the emotional signatures of the body including pulse, sweat, voice and emotional expressions. At Platform China, Beijing Tina will observe and document the cultural nuances of Chinese emotional expression via video and audio recordings.

  • 2010
    • China_2010_Benjamin_Hampe
      Benjamin Hampe (QLD)

      Beijing Film Academy

      Supported by The Australia-China Council & The Australia Council for the Arts

    Benjamin Hampe was most recently Manager - Visual Art Projects at the art and cultural consultancy firm Positive Solutions. He is based in Singapore this year managing a commercial art gallery, working with Sculpture Square Ltd, and starting his own consultancy company. For his residency, Hampe will be based at the Beijing Film Academy where he will participate in the first international internship program, working with curatorial and public programming staff to present an international new media festival.

    • China_2010_Benjamin_Law
      Benjamin Law (QLD)

      Peking University

      Supported by Arts Queensland and The Australia Council for the Arts

    Benjamin Law is a writer and journalist, and contributes regularly to various publications including The Monthly, frankie, Qweekend and The Big Issue. He completed a doctorate in television screenwriting at the Queensland University of Technology in 2009, and his personal essays have been anthologised in The Best Australian Essays 2008 and 2009, as well as a forthcoming book to be published by Black Inc. in 2010. He intends to use his Asialink residency with Peking University to research and examine the lives of young gay, lesbian and transgender people throughout China.

    • China_2010_Catherine_Croll
      Catherine Croll (NSW)

      Red Gate Gallery

      Supported by The Australia-China Council & The Australia Council for the Arts

    Catherine Croll has worked in the Community Cultural Development and Cultural Planning sectors for over 20 years as a facilitator and trainer. In Beijing she will work with Red Gate Gallery on the 10th anniversary of their residency program, and a series of exhibitions to be held in China as part of the Year of Australian Culture in China. The program will include a tour by six Australian artists to artist colonies and studios in Chengdu, Chongqing, Lhasa and Beijing.

    • China_2010_Jennifer_Mills
      Jennifer Mills (NT)

      The Bookworm

      Supported by The Australia-China Council & The Australia Council for the Arts

    Jennifer Mills is the author of the novel The Diamond Anchor and a chapbook of poems, Treading Earth. She won the 2008 Marian Eldridge Award for Young Emerging Women Writers, the Pacific Region of the 2008-09 Commonwealth Short Story Competition, and the 2008 Northern Territory Literary Awards: Best Short Story. During her residency at bookstore and event complex The Bookworm, she will immerse herself in Chinese writing, and hopes to investigate the cultural impact of the changing economic relationship between Australia and China.

    • China_2010_Mark Siebert2
      Mark Siebert (VIC)

      Beijing Studio Centre

      Supported by Arts SA & The Australia Council for the Arts

    Mark Siebert is a practising visual artist who completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours at the South Australian School of Art, Adelaide in 2004. Siebert works across media and has exhibited in galleries across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. The focus of his studio-based practice is pop cultural iconography and the way that it influences identity. He also has an interest in consumption, mass culture and modes of production, which will see him explore the People’s Republic of China’s currency – the Renminbi – during his time at the Beijing Studio Center.

    • China_2010_Rebecca_holborn
      Rebecca Holborn (VIC)

      Shanghart Gallery

      Supported by The Australia Council for the Arts

    Rebecca Holborn has curated exhibitions in Australia and overseas, including at the ICA in London, and as part of the 2005 Melbourne International Arts Festival working with eminent Chinese contemporary artist Xu Zhe. Holborn’s residency will build on her past experience and further inform her contribution to discourse surrounding cross-cultural exchange and multimedia practice. She will work with Shanghart Gallery, Beijing to extend her understanding of curatorial practice in China.

  • 2009
    • China_09_ChristenCornell
      Christen Cornell (NSW)

      Shanghai 99

      Supported by The Australia China Council and The Australia Council for the Arts

    Christen Cornell has worked as Rights Manager at the publishing house Allen & Unwin for three years, travelling regularly to international book fairs, selling foreign rights for books, and arranging for the export of Australian literature to the major Asian markets. She has lived and worked in China, and has an ongoing interest in contemporary Chinese literature and Chinese-Australian cross-cultural exchange. Cornell also co-runs a small, Sydney-based independent publishing company, Local Consumption Publications. She spent three months working in China hosted by leading independent literary publisher, Shanghai 99, where she will developed translation projects with Chinese literary editors, and worked with the major literary festivals in China.

    • China_09_John Mateer
      John Mateer (WA)

      The Bookworm

      Supported by The Department of Culture And The Arts, WA and The Australia China Council

    John Mateer is a poet and art-critic. He has published five books of poems in Australia, and a number of smaller publications, often in translation, in Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, Macao and Portugal. His forthcoming books are Southern Barbarians, a collection of poems about the Portuguese empire, a gathering of twenty years of his South African poetry titled Ex-White, and a New and Selected edition of his Australian poems, The West. His residency at the Bookworm allowed him to investigating the experience and thought of European writers – Luis de Camoes, Camillo Pessanha and Victor Segalen – who lived in those regions in the early modern period.

    • China_09_Willoh and Martyn
      Martyn Coutts & Willoh S. Weiland (TAS)


      Supported by The Australia Council for the Arts

    Martyn Coutts and Willoh S. Weiland form the live art collaboration, Deadpan. Their work is an ongoing research-based practice that utilises multi-media, rage and nonsense to challenge the definition of performative artworks. Deadpan has shown work at Electro fringe (Newcastle) and the national live art symposium 'this is the time this is the record of the time' (Perth), and have an ongoing mentorship with Scott Rankin, the artistic director of Big hART. Deadpan were resident at the LAB in Beijing, developing works that address the existence of a social responsibility to care for strangers.

    • China_09_Mimi Tong
      Mimi Tong (NSW)


      Supported by The Australia Council for the Arts

    Sydney-based artist Mimi Tong uses photography and installation to explore architectural abstraction in the landscape. Tong completed a Masters of Visual Arts in 2004 at Sydney College of the Arts.  Her residency at Oct Contemporary Art Terminal in Shenzhen represents a continuing interest in exploring cultural experience and identity that she has established with her recent exhibitions, Unfolding Ground, Artspace, Sydney, and Folding Cities: China, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney, both held in 2007. During her time in China, she created new work that directly engages with the Nanshan social and architectural landscape.

    • China_09_Steve Eland
      Steve Eland (NT)

      Zendai MOMA

      Supported by Arts NT and The Australia Council

    Steve Eland has worked in arts management for the past 12 years, including working in Maningrida, Arnhem Land, being founding Director of Mass Gallery, Melbourne, and Director of 24HR Art – NT Centre for Contemporary Art in Darwin since 2005. His time at 24HR Art has seen the development of a broad range of artistic projects. Eland was based at Zendai MOMA, Shanghai, assisting with the project ‘The Edge – Contemporary Art from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Indonesia’, to building networks for developing exchange projects between the Northern Territory and Asia.

  • 2008
    • China_08_Alice Pung_hs
      Alice Pung (VIC)

      Peking University

      Supported by Arts Victoria, Australia-China Council and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Alice Pung is a writer, journalist and lawyer. Her book, Unpolished Gem, won the 2007 Newcomer of the Year Australian Book Industry Awards, and is studied as a secondary and tertiary education text in schools nationally. Pung has edited an anthology of stories about growing up of Asian background in Australia, and she also writes frequently for national journals and newspapers. During her residency at Peking University Pung wrote about the migrant experience in a new country, and researched, in preparation for her next book, why her grandparents left China to start their adult working lives in Cambodia.

    • China_08_David Pledger_hs
      David Pledger (VIC)

      Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    David Pledger works as a director, producer, designer, writer, choreographer and dramaturg in theatre, dance, opera, television and media arts. He has gained wide acclaim for building new artworks that combine physical languages, video, sound and special effects into an organic system in which media are elevated from their existing role and integrated into the structure and theme of the artwork. He is the founding artistic director of not yet it's difficult (NYID). At Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, Pledger's work on multimedia theatre and the development of international collaborations was the starting point for long-term discussions for exchange.

    • China_08_James Stuart_hs
      James Stuart (NSW)

      The Bookworm

      Supported by Arts NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Poet, editor and new media artist James Stuart’s residency at The Bookworm, Chengdu, resulted in two strands of literary work: a series of poems exploring a loosely mythological reaction to Chinese history, culture and language; and a collaborative translation project, Conversions, which brought the work of three Chinese ethnic nationality poets into English. Conversions saw Stuart coordinate and mentor a team of first-time translators who worked closely with the poets. The final translations and original poems were printed as large-scale banners (designed by Stuart) and mounted on Chinese scrolls as part of Chengdu’s first ‘poetry exhibition’. Conversions will tour The Bookworm's venues in Beijing and Suzhou before exhibiting in Australia.

    • Lucas Abela (NSW)

      Sub Jam Production

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    What's been described as ""a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe"" is in fact the highly unique audio works of Lucas Abela, a maverick musician who has a fascination with playing sheets of broken glass. By pressing his face against the glass and employing a range of vocal techniques he creates a variety of noises that are simultaneously cacophonous and musical. Although principally a solo performer, Abela used his time with Sub Jam Production in Beijing to form a band with local musicians, and record and release an album before touring the new act around Asia.

    • China_08_Melody Willis_hs
      Melody Willis (NSW)

      Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by The Australia-China Council and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Linda Judge studied fashion design at RMIT in the early 1980s, and spent several years working in the industry before completing a BA majoring in painting at VCA. Judges’s monochromatic, stencilled works reflect her interest in early photography.  Judge has held eight solo shows in Australia, the two most recent with Smyrnios Gallery. During her residency at Beijing Art Academy, Judge exhibited work made at Renmin University in the Australian Studies Department in an exhibition entitled few thinkings.

    • China_08_Wang Zhen-Ting_hs
      Zheng-Ting Wang (VIC)

      Tianjin Conservatory

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Zheng-Ting Wang is a composer and master performer of the sheng (Chinese mouth organ). He graduated from Shanghai Music Conservatory, received a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Melbourne and is an honorary research associate at Monash University. He is the founding member and director of the Australian Chinese Music Ensemble and has been active in collaborations with non-Chinese musicians to create Australian cross-cultural music. Zheng-Ting Wang's residency at Tianjin Conservatory enabled him to work with professors and master musicians, develop contacts with festivals, radio stations and arts agencies, and to lecture on Chinese migration musical culture in Australia.

  • 2007
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Hermie Conelisse (TAS)

      Jingdezhen Sabao Ceramic Art Institute

      Supported by Arts Tasmania and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Artist Hermie Cornelisse works mainly in the area of ceramics, but her practice also extends to embroidery, painting and drawing. Cornelisse exhibits widely in Australia, notably participating in a group exhibition Design Island that toured through Australia, including to the Sydney Opera House, Object Gallery NSW, and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, followed by a solo exhibition of ceramics and painting in 2006. During her residency at Jingdezhen Sabao Ceramic Art Institute in Jiangxi Province, she visited ceramic collections and studied and practiced ancient ceramic methods.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Kelly Gellatly (VIC)

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Kelly Gellatly is Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Victoria where she is responsible for collection development and exhibitions of contemporary Australian and international art post-1980. She has also held curatorial positions at Heide Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Australia. During her residency in China, Gellatly developed an exhibition of Chinese new media art for the National Gallery of Victoria, scheduled for March 2008. She also investigated the contemporary art scene more broadly in order to establish professional networks that will benefit future exhibitions and collaboration.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Peter Bakowski (VIC)

      University of Macau

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Peter Bakowski has been writing poetry for over twenty years with publication in literary journals worldwide. He has held various national and international writers’ residencies and his first book won the Victorian Premier’s Award for Poetry. Based at the University of Macau Bakowski developed new poems based on his experience of the physical, intellectual, commercial and social environments of Macau and mainland China. The primary focus of the poems was to show the effects these environments have on the individual, exploring voluntary and involuntary exile, tradition and change, individual fulfillment or alienation, political and spiritual beliefs. Bakowski has since been commissioned by the State of Victoria to write a poem and be poet-in-residence at Suzhou University in celebration of the 30th anniversary of friendship status between Victoria and Jiangsu Province, China. Bakowski gave 24 poetry readings during his residency.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Robert Iolini (NSW)

      ACO Art and Culture Outreach

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Composer and media artist Robert Iolini accepts music, image and sound on equal terms. His works are detailed poetic narratives, stylistically diverse, and united by a philosophical approach. Iolini’s commissions include major works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, Danish National Radio, Netherlands Program Service and Big hArt Inc. Iolini was based with ACO Art and Culture Outreach, a non-profit organisation facilitating cultural exchange between foreign artists, local artists and audiences. As artist in residence he produced a video art work focusing on Hong Kong 10 years after its reunification with China.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Sandra Parker (VIC)

      Victorian College of the Arts

      LTDX-Beijing and Guangdong Modern Dance Company

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Since graduating from Rusden College majoring in dance and drama, Sandra Parker has pursued a career as a choreographer, performer, teacher and director. She has worked as a freelance artist, as Artistic Director of the iconic Australian company Dance Works, and now as the Director/Choreographer of Sandra Parker Dance. Parker's work has been presented in Europe and the US and she has received a Centenary Medal for Services to Australian Dance. Parker worked with two of China’s best contemporary dance companies, LTDX-Beijing and Guangdong Modern Dance Company, to create a new dance work.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Willow Neilson (VIC)

      JZ Club and School

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Since graduating from the Sydney Conservatorium, Willow Neilson has taken his band to win third place at the Jazz Hoelaart International Competition in Brussels and has also won third place as a soloist in both the Montreaux and London jazz festival saxophone competitions. Between 2003 and 2004 Neilson performed regularly as part of the Shanghai jazz scene alongside Chinese and international musicians. His residency enabled him to deepen his ties in through collaborating with artists associated with the JZ Club and School in Shanghai.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Xenia Hanusiak (VIC)

      Peking University

      Supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation

    Xenia Hanusiak is an award-winning writer and performer whose work spans theatre, opera, video and cultural journalism. Appearances at major international arts festivals in New York, Denmark, Canada, Singapore and Italy and all the Australian arts festivals have led to many commissions and collaborations. Collaborations include New York Young People’s Chorus, Elena Kats–Chernin, Australian String Quartet, the State Opera companies and theatre companies. During her residency at Peking University, Hanusiak developed a libretto - a new work based on a Chinese miner who arrived in the Bendigo Goldfields in 1854.

  • 2006
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Benython Oldfield (NSW)

      Shanghai VI Hoare Inc

      Supported by The Australia-China Council for the Arts

    Since leaving Charles Sturt University, literary arts manager Benython Oldfield has worked as a radio and TV producer at the ABC and commercial stations and and as a book publicist at Random House Australia.  In China he worked across five different organisations researching the Chinese publishing industry to identify cultural exchange and publishing opportunities for Australian and Chinese authors. Since his residency Oldfield has founded the Zeitgeist Media Group to facilitate the publication and sales of Australian books in China and vice versa, advised Australian writers' festivals on Chinese writers and assisted Chinese writers, editors, and literary reviewers to come to Australia and learn about Australian publishing.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Erik Griswold (QLD)

      Sichuan Conservatory of Music

      Supported by Arts Qld & the Australia Council for the Arts

    Musician Erik Griswold fuses experimental, jazz and world music traditions to create works of striking originality. Active in improvised and notated musical traditions, Griswold performs as a soloist, in Clocked Out Duo and collaborates with musicians and multidisciplinary artists. He has composed new works for performers such as Margaret Leng Tan, Steven Schick, and Anthony Burr, exploring the possibilities of miniature music boxes, found object and percussion. Griswold holds a PhD from the University of California, San Diego and has previously studied Chinese traditional and folk music in Sichuan Province. Through his residency with the Sichuan Conservatory of Music he hopes to expand his knowledge and skills in Sichuan Opera percussion and Jinqian Ban and collaborate with composer Zou Xiangping on a new production for the Queensland Music Festival.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Robert Draffin (VIC)

      Shanghai International Performing Arts Research Centre

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Theatre director, writer, dramaturge and actor trainer Robert Draffin was invited by the esteemed theatre director Professor Gu Yian to be artist in residence at the Shanghai International Performing Arts Research Centre.  Draffin conducted a series of intensive acting workshops, created a performance of Antigone using a classical poetic text, and undertook a field study with Gu Yian.  He also reconnected with artists he had worked with previously. Draffin has since been invited to present one of his company’s works for the Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival in 2007 and run a workshop program in Hong Kong with On & On Theatre.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Susan Kukucka (QLD)

      Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation

      Funded by the Australia Council for the Arts & Arts Queensland

    Susan Kukucka has worked as a festival manager, policy officer, researcher and arts writer and was a Senior Research Assistant at Griffith University's School of Arts, Media and Culture at the time of the residency. Her time in China expanded her knowledge of arts management practices in an international context. She explored the areas of arts research and practice, particularly within the performing arts, in rapidly changing China and established international networks, research and artistic collaborations. Kukucka attended and presented at the China Europe Performing Arts Symposium in Beijing and plans to collaborate with Chinese representatives through cultural research projects and symposiums as part of her role at Griffith University.

  • 2005
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Alan Schacher (NSW)

      Zuni Icosahedron

      Supported by the NSW Ministry for the Arts & the Australia Council for the Arts

    Alan Schacher’s practice combines dance, performance and installation, usually working collaboratively to realise provocative spatial experiences that are atmospherically and architecturally driven.  Schacher's research objective for his residency was to investigate ways of working with the 'performativity' of public spaces, and to engage with artists, organisations and architects to discuss and develop a 'choreography of public spaces'. This theme provided a rich ground for dialogue and exchange during his six months of travel through Asia, beginning with his arrival in Beijing on the Trans-Siberian railway for the conference, Capturing the Moving Mind. This extended to travels to Hong Kong, Guangzhou for the Guangzhou Triennial, followed by visits to Macau and Shenzhen.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Iain Mott (VIC)

      The Long March Foundation

      Supported by the Australia China Council for the Arts

    Iain Mott is a sound artist from Melbourne whose work focuses on interactive installation.  His residency project with the Long March Foundation in China resulted in a project entitled Zhong Shuo which was exhibited in Beijing and Chongqing. Zhong Shuo is a sound installation which took the form of a kiosk 'confessional' from which nearly 1000 stories were collected.  The interwoven stories and field recordings were broadcast from loudspeakers at each installation and converted into a realtime MP3 stream on internet radio. Hundreds if not thousands of people tuned into this 24h per day broadcast which ran from August up until December. Zhong Shuo (Stage 1) was awarded 3rd prize in the UNESCO Digital Arts Awards.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      James Bradley (NSW)

      East China Normal University

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts & the NSW Ministry for the Arts

    Twice one of The Sydney Morning Herald's Best Young Australian Novelists, James Bradley is the author of three novels, The Resurrectionist, Wrack and The Deep Field, and a book of poetry, Paper Nautilus.  During his residency at the Australian Studies Centre, East China Normal University in Shanghai, Bradley researched patterns of city life in 1930s and 21st century Shanghai which he plans to work into a novel.  Bradley also took part in the Shanghai Writers' Festival, gave lectures at East China Normal University and travelled to several cities in China for further research. Since his return Bradley has been asked to review several books about China by The Sydney Morning Herald.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Melissa Madden Gray (VIC)

      Jin Xing, Dance Theatre

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Performer Melissa Madden Gray and her French alter ego ŒMeow-Meow have wrought cross-genre havoc to contemporary opera, improvised 'new music' and cabaret, created choreography for music/dance theatre and gone solo for multimedia performances. Madden Gray undertook her residency with internationally renowned transsexual performer Jin Xing and her Dance Theatre in Shanghai.  Together they created a two-woman dance-music-theatre piece The Day Doesn't Understand Why the Night is So Dark which they aim to present at the new Shanghai international dance festival - Shanghai Dance in 2007. Whilst in China Madden Gray also worked on a number of solo and collaborative dance/music/video pieces for, amongst others, the Time Based Arts Festival in Portland, Oregon, and the Adelaide Festival 06.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Robin Best (SA)

      Palace Museum & Porcelain Research Centre

      Funded by Arts South Australia & the Australia Council for the Arts

    Robin Best has worked in the medium of porcelain for the past decade. Her work is informed by patterns from nature and more recently she has been influenced by cultures other than her own including the Pitjantjatjara artists of Ernabella in the far north west of South Australia and the porcelain artists of Jingdezhen in China.  During her residency Best expanded her knowledge of Chinese porcelain, making use of the collection of the Palace Museum and the Porcelain Research Centre in Beijing as well as travelling to Jingdezhen and Shanghai to create porcelain for two separate exhibitions.  Work made during Best's residency was exhibited in Snuff at Madam Mao's Dowry in Shanghai and exhibited in Writing the Painting as part of the Adelaide Festival of the Arts.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Sele Tete (WA)

      Guangdong Modern Dance Company

      Funded by Arts WA & the Australia Council for the Arts

    Independent dance artist Sete Tele has performed with various dance companies including Skadada, Company Loaded, Australian Dancers’ Company, Fieldworks Performance Group, ID339 Dance Group and 2 Dance Plus.  In China he undertook a choreographic residency with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, teaching classes and workshops and creating a new choreographic work City of Fall, accompanied by the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra.  Tele has since been invited back to work with the company in 2006.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Tim Humphrey (VIC)

      Shanghai Conservatory of Music

      Supported by Arts Victoria, Australia-China Council & the Australia Council for the Arts

    Tim Humphrey is a brass musician, specialising in developing integrated musical settings which involve live musical performance for dance and theatre.  In China, Humphries worked with students from the trumpet department at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and presented his collaborative work Full Moon/Trance-migration with Australian artists Tony Yap and Madeleine Flynn.  He participated in the International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Society for Ethno-musicology, meeting with a variety of music professionals from around China, and around the Asia-Pacific region, and presenting a paper Contemporary Music for Ancient Dance: Ethno/musicological? that reflects his experience of cultural collaborations with Chinese, Timorese and Vietnamese communities in Australia.  He has since submitted an abstract to the Electroacoustic Music Seminar 06 in Beijing.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Xing Jin (NSW)

      Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Beijing International Music Festival

      Supported by the NSW Ministry for the Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts

    At the time of her residency Xing Jin was working as the Multicultural Marketing Manager at the Sydney Symphony.  During her residency, which was divided over three months between Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, she met with all the major Chinese arts festivals and arts venues and worked with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Beijing International Music Festival.  She contributed to the program planning and market development strategies of these arts organisations and promoted opportunities for the exchange of musical performances and artists between China and Australia.

  • 2004
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Daniel Huppatz (VIC)

      Victorian College of the Arts

      Supported by The Australia-China Council

    Daniel Huppatz is a writer and academic based in Melbourne.  At the time of his residency he taught design history and theory at RMIT and had submitted a PhD on design in Hong Kong. Huppatz has published a wide variety of writing including poetry, literary criticism and fiction, as well as articles and reviews on contemporary art.  In 1998 he co-founded Textbase, a literary journal and experimental small press. During his residency in Beijing, Huppatz completed a number of poems that he intends to work into a book-length manuscript. He also conducted several lectures at the Austalian Studies centres in Beijing and Shanghai and held a poetry reading at the Bookworm bookstore.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Michael Whaites (WA)

      Guangdong Modern Dance Company

      Supported by Arts NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Choreographer/performer Michael Whaites has choreographed for companies such as Australian Dance Theatre, Leigh Warren and Dancers, One Extra Dance Company and Restless Dance. In China Whaites worked with the Beijing Modern Dance Academy to hone his improvisation skills. He also travelled to Guangzhou where he worked with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company and was invited to teach at a university in Hangzhou. As a result of the residency Whaites was invited back to China to create a new choreographic work Blow Up with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 2005.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Robert Farmer (WA)

      Cambodian Deaf Development

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Cambodia Theatre director and performer Robert Farmer worked with the Australian Theatre of the Deaf for four years. His highly successful Rob Roy Show, which utilises visual skits, signed songs, storytelling and jokes, has toured internationally.  Farmer’s residency was based with Cambodian Deaf Development in Phnom Penh, enabling him to implement a program of theatre workshops with deaf children across five provinces in Cambodia. Workshops included developing skills in acting, creative writing, educational performances and the presentation of a show. The show was presented during the International Day of the Deaf Persons Celebrations in 2004, using gestures, sign language and visual movement unique to Deaf Theatre.

  • 2003
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Margaret Bradstock (NSW)

      Peking University

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and NSW Ministry for the Arts

    Dr. Margaret Bradstock is a Sydney writer, reviewer, academic and critic whose work has been widely published and anthologised.  She has lectured in the School of English at the University of New South Wales for 25 years and is the author/co-editor of 13 books of fiction, biography and poetry. At Peking University, Dr Bradstock was able to contribute to the University’s understanding of Australian literature, especially poetry. The residency also provided her with experiences towards writing a collection of poetry about China and the Chinese people. Dr Bradstock has been invited to return as a lecturer at Beida (Peking University) and has been registered for lecturing and teaching at Beijing Normal University.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Simon Patton (QLD)

      Peking University

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Queensland

    Simon Patton is a Brisbane based freelance literary translator and part-time teacher of Chinese at the University of Queensland. Patton has been translating Chinese literature for over fifteen years, especially contemporary poetry. During his residency, Patton completed a substantial number of new translations of the poetry of Yu Jian, a well-known poet from Yunnan, and of contemporary Chinese poetry for a new Chinese poetry website launched by the Netherlands-based Poetry International Foundation.

  • 2002
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Frances D'Ath (VIC)

      Guangdong Modern Dance Company

      Supported by Arts Victoria and the Australia China Council

    At the time of the residency Frances D’Ath was choreographer for zeroballet, which produced the short dance film shadetreemechanic with film-maker Paul Williams in July 2001. D'Ath worked as choreographer-in-residence with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in Guangzhou, China. In collaboration with the Company and Australian lighting designer, John Dutton, d’Ath choreographed for the Company's 10th Anniversary Celebrations in June 2002. This innovative work has generated international interest in his work. In 2003 D’Ath will return to China to work and teach with the Beijing Academy and the GMDC and to work as a sound engineer for the National Day celebrations held in Nanhai City, Guangzhou.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Linda Judge (VIC)

      Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by The Australia-China Council and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Linda Judge studied fashion design at RMIT in the early 1980s, and spent several years working in the industry before completing a BA majoring in painting at VCA. Judges’s monochromatic, stencilled works reflect her interest in early photography.  Judge has held eight solo shows in Australia, the two most recent with Smyrnios Gallery. During her residency at Beijing Art Academy, Judge exhibited work made at Renmin University in the Australian Studies Department in an exhibition entitled few thinkings.

  • 2001
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Andrew Sant (TAS)

      Peking University

      Supported by Arts Tasmania and the Australia China Council

    Andrew Sant is an award-winning poet from Tasmania. He has published five collections of poetry, most recently Album of Domestic Exiles and Russian Ink. Sant was founding editor of the literary magazine Island, and his work has been extensively anthologised in books and journals. While in China Sant worked on a collection of poems which referenced aspects of Chinese poetry.  He presented a talk and workshop at the AEF Linking Lattitudes Conference in Shanghai and participated in the Liberties of Print Reading with well-known Chinese poets and academics at Peking University where his work was translated into Chinese. He also gave lectures for staff and students at the university and was invited back in 2002 to teach a course there.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Elizabeth Cross (VIC)

      Supported by the NSW Ministry for the Arts, the Australia-India Council, and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Elizabeth Cross has over thirty years experience as an arts practitioner, as well as extensive curatorial and academic experience. Her art practice is concerned with the direct observation and experience of nature, exercising the qualities of draughtsmanship and form. During her residency, Cross produced a large body of drawings of the rural and urban landscape, connecting ideas, surrounding representation, expression and the significance of the culture of her environment.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Mark Mordue (NSW)

      Peking University

      Supported by the Australia China Council and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Mark Mordue is a feature writer, editor, filmmaker and travel writer. His book Dastgah: Diary of a Head Trip was published in 2000. During his residency in China, hosted by Peking University’s Australian Studies Centre, he worked on his first novel based around an Australian journalist working in modern day Beijing. Through this character, he explores the changing nature of Chinese society and communist rule as it grapples with economic development, as well as the complicity of western journalists in the events and forces occurring around them.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Phillip Adams (VIC)

      Guangdong Modern Dance Company

      Supported by Arts Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Phillip Adams is a dancer/choreographer who founded Balletlab, recognised as one of Australia's most experimental and challenging contemporary dance companies. During his residency Adams worked with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company and was joined for some of that time by musician and collaborator, Lynton Carr. The residency produced a new work, Flower Killing introducing a new working style and choreographic vocabulary to the Company. The Guangdong Modern Dance Company will tour Flower Killing through China and to Indonesia and the Asia Pacific Arts Festival in Berlin. Adams was invited to return in 2002 to create another work for the Company. Balletlab, has also been invited to perform at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in July 2002.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Sally Sussman (WA)

      Shanghai International Festival for the Arts

      Supported by Arts WA, the Australia China Council and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Sally Sussman was formerly Performing Arts Manager at the Perth International Arts Festival. Sussman studied Chinese Opera performance and directed contemporary Chinese drama at the Central drama Institute, Beijing and the Shanghai Conservatorium from 1984-87.  During her residency, Sussman worked with the 2001 Shanghai International Festival for the Arts on the Performing Arts Conference and liaison between the Festival and Australian sections of the program. She also delivered a paper (in Mandarin) to the Performing Arts fair about the Perth Festival and an overview of other Australian International Festivals.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Vanessa Tomlinson (QLD)

      Sichuan University

      Supported by the Australia China Council and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Vanessa Tomlinson, percussionist, is a solo interpreter of new music, an orchestral musician, a chamber musician, an educator and an improviser who has performed and lectured in Australia and internationally. During her residency, Tomlinson worked with the Sichuan University Department of Music, teaching and collaborating on a series of new compositions. She also studied Sichuan Opera Percussion, Mandarin and leaned about a variety of folk traditions. The collaboration, Electric Mahjong, was performed in Chengu and also as part of Drums in the Outback Festival and the Totally Huge New Music Festival, WA.  Since returning from China, Tomlinson has created a large scale work with 12 percussionists from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

  • 2000
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Maggi Sietsma (SA)

      Beijing Dance Academy & the Beijing Modern Dance Company

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

    Maggi Sietsma is the Artistic Director of the highly acclaimed Expressions Dance Company in Brisbane and has previously worked with the Australian Ballet, London Festival Ballet and Theatre du Chene Noir in France. Under her direction, Expressions has toured extensively throughout Australia, the USA, Germany, PNG, India, UK, Israel, Singapore and Taiwan, and in 1997 the Company won the Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award. During her residency Sietsma spent six weeks in Beijing to help develop a program of contemporary dance, dance composition and giving seminars on modern dance in Australia for the Beijing Dance Academy and the Beijing Modern Dance Company.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Megan Keating (TAS)

      Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by Arts Tasmania and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Tasmanian painter and installation artist, Megan Keating, maintains a practice that includes painting, installation and paper cutting. Keating has exhibited extensively with solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia. At the Taipei International Artists Village, Keating undertook a broad range of activities, extending her practice to include performance, collaboration and site-specific outdoor installation work. She participated in two major exhibitions, Loop and In Dreams Begin Responsibilities; two performances, Her name is Tan Hua and On A Winter's Night; as well as giving workshops, artist's talks and an open studio. She has since held several exhibitions in Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney which have continued to explore the theme of displacement, using the paper-cutting technique she learnt in China.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Ouyang Yu (VIC)

      Beijing University

      Supported by the Australia China Council and Arts Victoria

    Ouyang Yu is a Melbourne-based poet, translator, editor, academic and essayist.  He is the author of four books of poetry including Songs of the Last Chinese Poet and has also translated and published a number of Australian works into Chinese. During Ouyang’s literature residency he worked on his non-fiction book, On the Smell of an Oily Rag: Notes in the Margins which explores the similarities and differences between Australian and Chinese literary and cultural traditions. He also launched his translation of The Man Who Loved Children, published his own novel The Angy Wu Zili, and gave numerous lectures and talks.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Pan Geng Shen (VIC)

      Nanjing Normal University

      Supported by The Australia China Council and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Shen Pan Geng was born in Suzhou, China and started learning erhu (Chinese violin) at the age of 18. He arrived in Australia in 1989 and has been the Musical Director and Conductor of the Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) Chinese Orchestra since 1991. During his residency at Music Dept of Nanjing Normal University, Shen developed his repertoire and techniques as a professional erhu soloist, built up a collection of new pieces for the PEGS Chinese Orchestra and learnt various skills in Chinese instrumental repair. Shen returned to China in September 2000 for a recital with the Nanjing Normal University Chinese Orchestra and the Nanjing City Chinese Orchestra.

  • 1999
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Carolin Window (QLD)

      Supported by Arts Queensland and the Australia Council for the Arts

    Carolin Window is the author of two novels, Dim and Shark Song, both published by Vintage. In Shark Song Window explored the myths and history of Oceania and she has a strong interest in the connections to be made between Australian and Asian fictions. During her residency in China, Window worked on a new novel about racial tensions in small-town Australia involving a young Chinese girl and other Chinese characters. The residency provided the background research and understanding for her portrait of the Chinese diaspora in Australia and Window completed a quarter of her novel while there.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Philipa Veitch (NSW)

      Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by the Visual Arts Craft Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australia China Council & the NSW Ministry for the Arts

    New South Wales based painter, Philipa Veitch spent four months in 1999 at the Beijing Art Academy.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Xiao-Xiong Zhang (SA)

      Guangdong Modern Dance Company & the Beijing Modern Dance Company

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australia China Council and Arts South Australia

    Xiao-Xiong Zhang was born in Cambodia in 1958, moving to China in 1971 before emigrating to Australia in 1983.  A graduate of the Centre for Performing Arts, Adelaide, he has danced with One Extra Dance Company, Australian Dance Theatre, Vis-a-Vis Dance and Green Mill Dance Project, and has won awards for both his dance performance and his choreography. During his residency Xiao-Xiong worked with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company and the Beijing Modern Dance Company, coordinating an ongoing exchange between Beijing dancers and students from the Centre of Performing Arts in Adelaide.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Zheng-Ting Wang (VIC)

      Frontiers Chinese Orchestra

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and the Australia China Council

    At the time of his residency Zheng-Ting Wang was director of the Australian Chinese Music Ensemble. He has experimented extensively with the integration of Chinese and Western music and has performed with senior musicians and major Symphony Orchestras in Australia and the USA, where he is a regular lecturer and performer of the sheng, a Chinese mouth organ. On his residency Wang worked with sheng master, Hu Tian-Qian and the Frontiers Chinese Orchestra and was priviledged to spend time with Wang Junhua, ‘Sheng Wang’ (King of the sheng makers). Wang also lectured on music education in China and Australia and spent a few days in Malaysia pursuing sheng education.

  • 1998
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      George Gittoes (NSW)

      The Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by the Visual Arts Craft Board of the Australia Council for the Arts & the Australia China Council

    George Gittoes is a prominent Australian artist, photographer and filmmaker. He has worked in Central America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, in several cases with Australian Army Peacekeeping Missions, and after working in Somalia was nominated Australia’s official Peacekeeping Artist. In China Gittoes was based at the Bejing Art Academy and he also travelled to outlying areas including the Yangtzee River and Tibet to paint farmers and other rural workers. A documentary team from Australia followed Gittoes in October making a program for the ABC and the BBC which screened in Australia in 1999.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Liz Coats (NSW)

      The Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australia China Council & the NSW Ministry for the Arts

    Painter Liz Coats spent four months at The Beijing Art Academy.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Sang Ye (QLD)

      Supported by the Australia China Council

    Sang Ye is a Queensland based non-fiction writer, editor and interviewer whose publications include: Chinese in China, Chinese Lives and in Australia, The Year the Dragon Came, as well as The Finish Line. He has also written a number of articles and short stories. During his residency in China Sang Ye researched his forthcoming book, a social history of Wangfujin Road, Beijing, a centrepoint of Chinese cultural, historical and economic activity this century.  In Beijing, Sang Ye completed a draft of his book and gave lectures at various universities on Australian literature and culture.

  • 1997
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Greg Pryor (WA)

      The Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by the Visual Arts Craft Board of the Australia Council for the Arts

    Painter Greg Pryor spent three months at The Beijing Art Academy.

    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Lenny Kovner (NSW)

      Shanghai Theatre Academy

      Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and the NSW Ministry for the Arts

    Lenny Kovner is an actor/writer/director whose residency at the Shanghai Theatre Academy enabled him to work with students on the Mandarin translation of the Australian play No Worries by David Holman. The play received two public performances, with capacity audiences comprising Academy staff, foreign guests and Consular officials from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Vietnam.

  • 1995
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Lindy Lee (NSW)

      Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by the Visual Arts Craft Board of the Australia Council for the Arts

    Painter Lindy Lee spent four months at the Beijing Art Academy. Her residency enabled her to develop intimate personal and professional relationships with other artists working in china. She was invited to the Beijing International Women's Conference and has been given an open invitation to return to the Beijing Arts Academy.

  • 1994
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Rodney Pople (NSW)

      Beijing Art Academy

      Supported by the Visual Arts Craft Board of the Australia Council for the Arts

    Painter Rodney Pople spent four months at the Beijing Art Academy.

  • 1992
    • NVerso_15_Detail
      Helen Lillecrapp-Fuller (QLD/SA)

      Zhejiang Academy

      Supported by the Visual Arts Craft Board of the Australia Council for the Arts

    Queensland/South Australian based painter, Helen Lillecrapp-Fuller spent four months in 1992-93 at the Zhejiang Academy, Hangzhou.