Your holiday reading guide, from Asialink

Wherever you are in the world, we hope you find time to pause, reflect and recharge over the coming weeks.  This list has been compiled by the team at Asialink - and we hope it may offer inspiration.



Strangers Next Door?

Tim Lindsay
Brings together leading observers to critically assess the state of Australia-Indonesia relations and their future prospects.

Asia's Reckoning 
Richard McGregor  
A dramatic take on the relationship between the world's three largest economies

Rising China's Influence in Developing Asia

Evelyn Goh
Goh argues that we cannot accurately understand China's global impacts without first understanding how its growing power resources are translated into actual influence over other states' choices and policies.

Dealing with an ambiguous world
Bilahari Kausikan  
Kausikan gives a frank and dispassionate assessment of the international environment in the post-Cold War era

Ancient Chinese thought, modern Chinese power
Yan Xuetong
Yan examines the lessons of ancient Chinese political thought for the future of China and the development of a "Beijing consensus" in international relations

The Future is Asian: Commerce, Conflict, and Culture in the 21st Century

Parag Khanna

The new Asian system taking shape is a multi-civilisational order spanning Saudi Arabia to Japan, and Russia to Australia—linking five billion people through trade, finance and infrastructure networks.


The Fish Girl

Mirandi Riwoe  

A tale of an Indonesian girl whose life is changed irrevocably when she moves from a small fishing village to work in the house of a Dutch merchant.

Josephine Wilson
A novel about all kinds of extinction - natural, racial, national and personal - and what we can do to prevent them

All the Lives We Never Lived
Anuradha Roy
Roy’s novel features characters from history who enter the lives of the novel’s fictional characters, often to dramatic effect. 

Convenience Store Woman
Sayaka Murata

A deadpan Japanese tale of an oddball shop assistant.