The 2020 Asialink Summer Listening List

As we look to the end of the year, the Asialink Team is proud to present the books and podcasts – including those produced by the Asialink Group – that have inspired and influenced us in our journey over 2020. Here is our suggested summer listening for those who are committed to deepening their Asia knowledge and insights over the end of year break.

Howard - Milestones

Asialink Milestones: John Howard Reflects on the China Challenge and Trump's Legacy

In a timely Podcast interview with Asialink senior adviser Donald Greenlees, the former prime minister reflects on his own record in building a strong economic partnership with China and how to stabilise a relationship that once again is in trouble.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges – Episode 1: Love Your Resistance

Principal Gillian Stuart and Bilingual Program Coordinator Karl Krause from Scotts Head Public School discuss the challenges and successes of their bilingual Indonesian program and how they advocate for intercultural learning in their community and beyond.

Maria Ressa

Asialink Insights – Maria Ressa on Digital Authoritarianism and Media Freedom

In this interview with Asialink senior adviser Donald Greenlees, courageous Philippines journalist Maria Ressa lives up to her reputation as a forceful and articulate advocate of media freedom, not only in the Philippines, but across the globe.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges – Episode 3: Always in the Present

In response to the disruption of the pandemic, students from SMA Muhammadiyah in Indonesia and Lorne P-12 College in Victoria turned to collaborative podcasting to continue their relationship. Students from both schools talk about this experience and give insights into intercultural learning.

Downer - Milestones

Asialink Milestones: Alexander Downer on 'China' and Playing the Long Game

In a new timely podcast interview with Asialink senior adviser Don Greenlees, former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer directs that message especially at the Australian business community amid China's  imposition of barriers to billions of dollars in Australian exports.