New chapter for Australian businesses with Asia

Asialink Business welcomes renewed partnership with the Australian Government to provide practical support to all Australian organisations to build Asia capabilities

  • Injection of funding from the Australian Government enables Asialink Business to continue its critical work to develop an Asia capable workforce on a national scale
  • Organisations in all sectors nation-wide can access practical support to develop the skills, capabilities and insights needed to succeed with Asia
  • Asia is essential to Australia’s economic prosperity, jobs growth and community well-being: a demonstrated correlation exists between Asia capabilities and business success

(Melbourne, 24 November 2017) Renewed funding from the Australian Government will enable Asialink Business, the National Centre for Asia Capability, to support even more organisations to enter their next chapter of growth. Asialink Business has received another $9.5 million to build on its track record of achievements and continue its critical mission to equip the Australian workforce with practical skills and business insights needed to unlock new markets in Asia.

Announcing the funding at a business forum in Melbourne, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy says: “The business case for a centre of excellence in Asia capabilities has never been stronger.

“Since it was established in 2013, Asialink Business has been providing Australian businesses and organisations in the public and private sector with the skills and the capabilities they need to succeed in the Asian Century.”

Chairman of Asialink Business, The Hon Andrew Robb AO says: “We are delighted to continue our unique partnership with the Australian Government.

“This funding is an investment in the prosperity of all Australians. It will help ensure all Australian businesses and workplaces can develop the practical capabilities needed to succeed in our dynamic region, win-over Asian customers, and grow and thrive in today’s competitive global marketplace.

“It will enable Asialink Business to build on its existing success, and continue to deliver real and tangible benefits for Australian jobs, the economy and our communities.”

To date, Asialink Business has supported thousands of organisations around Australia, spanning large listed businesses, small and medium enterprises, industry bodies, local councils, state and federal government departments, and the education and not-for-profit sectors.

Asialink Business CEO, Mukund Narayanamurti, says the renewed Government funding will enable more organisations nation-wide to benefit from Asialink Business’ world-leading training programs, practical research and market insights.

“Asialink Business is actively supporting organisations of all sizes, across all sectors of the workforce. We are providing practical support to sectors as diverse as financial and professional services, medtech and pharma, food and agribusiness, international education, tourism, mining and energy, and more.

“Today, more than ever, it is important to look externally for growth. The opportunities in Asia are well known, but a general level of knowledge of the region is not enough to succeed.

“In our cities and our rural communities, from farmers to architects, lawyers and tourism operators, we are helping diverse organisations to understand Asia’s complex and evolving markets, develop nuanced strategies to enter and grow in those markets, and build the long-term relationships which are essential to success.

“We are excited to continue our vital work to ensure the opportunities presented by Asia’s economic transformation are opportunities for all Australians,” Narayanamurti says.

Today’s injection of funding reflects the Government’s ongoing commitment to Asialink Business and its mission to build an Asia capable Australian workforce.  Asialink Business is also supported by the University of Melbourne and the Myer Foundation, in addition to a diverse network or corporate members.

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