Asialink Business launches online training courses

Asialink Business is excited to announce the launch of three flagship online courses, allowing Australian businesses and professionals to get Asia-ready online, anywhere, anytime.

Building on the successful Asialink Business face-to-face training programs, the online courses bring key learnings, tools and insights into a flexible, innovative digital environment.

Online training programs

The three programs will provide learners with a thorough and practical understanding of the cultural skills necessary to succeed when doing business with Asia:

  • Cultural Intelligence 1: provides learners with the skills and knowledge to apply cultural intelligence to better equip them to engage and work with Asia.
  • Cultural Intelligence 2: builds on Cultural Intelligence 1 theories and frameworks, and provides learners with a deeper understanding of Asian culture.
  • Cultural Intelligence (China Lens): provides learners with the skills and knowledge to understand and apply cultural intelligence to better equip them to engage and work in China.

Asialink Business CEO Mukund Narayanamurti said the online programs fill a key need for Australian businesses.

“Our research shows that businesses across Australia in a wide variety of sectors stand to benefit greatly from developing their Asian cultural intelligence,” he said.

“The online programs complement Asialink Business’ growing national footprint across every state and territory of Australia. By expanding the training options, they help ensure that Asia capabilities, and the opportunities in our region, are for all Australians, and for every business and organisation in the country. They also offer an innovative solution for larger enterprises wanting to build Asia capable teams at scale.”

The online courses feature:

  • highly engaging motion graphics, animation and video content
  • easily digestible knowledge in ‘bite-sized’ pieces
  • adaptive, scenario based learning with practical strategies and examples
  • interactive knowledge checks
  • reading links and resource libraries
  • evaluation surveys at the completion of each program

“These courses have been developed to cater to a broad range of the business community,” said Louise Dunn, Director of Capability Development at Asialink Business.

“Whether you are a time-poor accountant in Sydney, or an exporter in remote rural Queensland, these courses will help you develop crucial skills to succeed in and with Asia.”

Start an online course today.

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