520 Melbourne Report

By Asialink Arts

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 520 Melbourne Report.

520 meaning ‘I love you (我爱你)’ in Chinese online slang, this important report presents data and insights into Chinese-speaking international students in Melbourne to support arts and cultural sector engagement, including a Chinese language social media explainer.

The report draws on a comprehensive survey with 600+ Chinese-speaking international students, focus groups and case studies.

The report provides key insights into this cohort’s preferences for activities and communication. A ‘social media explainer’ outlines how Chinese social media works for non-Chinese speakers.

Produced in a pre-COVID context, this report is relevant for organisations wishing to increase their engagement with Chinese-speaking millennials as we all think more deeply about our accessibility for local audiences.

The 520 Melbourne Report has been produced by Turning World and Imagikai and was co-commissioned by Creative Victoria and Asialink Arts.

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