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New Business Model Needed to Bring Back International Students

The sharp decline in international student numbers is the ‘canary in the coal mine’, marking the depth of the COVID-19 economic downturn facing Australia and the region. Denis Blight AO, one of the architects of Australia’s international student recruitment drive, argues cash-strapped universities will have to adapt to the new marketplace with new approaches to teaching that offer a ‘seamless combination of offshore, online and face-to-face delivery’.

Coronavirus: The Siren Song of Protectionism

When the coronavirus pandemic passes, Asia is set to continue its great long boom. Building on the theme of the recent Asialink Business ‘Winning in Asia’ report, respected economist Peter McCawley argues Australian government and business needs to more deeply engage with Asia’s growing regionalism, avoid a post-pandemic temptation to isolate, and embrace greater openness to two-way capital flows, to technology, and to international knowledge.

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