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Unlocking Foreign Investment the Key to Driving Widodo's Economic Ambitions

Starting a second term in office, Joko Widodo aims to lay the foundations for Indonesia to become one of the world’s biggest economies by the middle of the century.  His dreams hinge on attracting more investment.  But as Donald Greenlees writes in the first of two articles on Widodo’s agenda for the new term, attracting sceptical investors will require deep and politically difficult reform, and perhaps a change of mindset.

Hong Kong Protests: Why the West Can't Avoid a Clash with China

Events in Hong Kong in the past days underscore the risk of pro-democracy protests triggering a spiral of violence.  As protesters and police clashed again, an ugly new element emerged. White-shirted pro-Beijing thugs were captured on video at a commuter station beating activists returning home.  As Donald Greenlees writes, Western governments, including Australia, will find it increasingly hard to stay on the sidelines of this bitter fight for Hong Kong's future as the Special Administrative Region counts down to the end of China's 'one country, two systems' guarantee in 2047.

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