Thailand: The Road Ahead

After several years of upheaval, Thailand is entering a period of significant political, social and economic transition, as the new king consolidates his reign and the country holds elections under a new constitution. What bearing will these high-profile events have on the business environment in ASEAN’s second-biggest economy?  How will they affect the two issues that have tended to worry Australian businesspeople about Thailand: political instability and corruption?

Guest Speaker

James Wise was Australia’s Ambassador to Thailand from 2010 to 2014 and the Deputy Head of Mission from 1995 to 1998. He now divides his time between Thailand and Australia.  He is an independent director of ANZ Bank (Thai), a member of the Board of the Beaumont Partnership Foundation, an adviser to a Thai university, and an independent consultant who provides assessments on trends in the political economy of Thailand.  James is currently completing a book on why foreigners have difficulty understanding Thai politics.

This event will take place in Sydney and Melbourne.  Attendance at this business briefing is by invitation only.

For further information, please contact Rene Landsman on or 03 8344 3576.