Public Displays of Affection: How Can Artists Rebrand Soft Power?

Are we ready to imagine and manifest a different future, one where arts and culture are at the core of our identity?

Are we prepared to wear our hearts on our sleeves? To be a nation that walks towards tension and incongruity to find compatibility, affection and intimacy?

For AsiaTOPA, Asialink Arts presents Public Displays of Affection to explore the fundamental nature of ‘soft power’ agendas and the status of cultural diplomacy, creative exchange and artistic influence across the Asia Pacific.

This cross-sectoral event will activate dialogue between artists, creative producers, arts and culture thought leaders, academics, policy makers, and business leaders.

The conference is designed to highlight powerful moments of intercultural exchange and reflect on the influence they can have. Bringing Australia and our regional partners into this discussion may help shape an agenda of mutual benefit where arts and culture play an increasingly important role in soft power. And might a discussion such as this lead to the conception of new investment opportunities in arts and culture?

3 March, 2020 at Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

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