Premium China: Capturing high-value export opportunities. State of the Nation: China (Launceston)


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Leanne Van Diemen

Demand from China’s emerging middle-class consumers is rapidly expanding, with an increasing focus on providing the types of high-value products and services that Tasmania excels at.  But this market is not without its challenges and complexities, which have a great impact on the successful export of premium products.

Asialink Business and KPMG are delighted to invite you to attend this session for businesses who are either currently exporting or considering exporting into China.  Topics to be covered include:

Consumer insights– How will your product be received by the consumer? Which markets/cities are best to target for your product?
Market entry strategy - Do you need to work with a local business partner and what do you know about them? Which channels to select?
Tax and customs duty and Regulation – What do you need to know about exporting goods from Australia and importing goods into Asia? How do you negotiate the various bodies who have been established to both regulate and assist businesses expand overseas? What is the cost of doing business in Asia and what advice/tools are available to mitigate these costs?
Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) – What do you need to do to access the benefits of the FTAs? Is it worthwhile?

Our expert panel will offer insights and practical measures for successful business opportunities.


Erin Buttermore, Director Trade and International Relations, Department of State Growth, Tasmania
Leonie Ferretter
, Director, Trade & Customs, KPMG
Peter Liddell, Partner, ASPAC Head of Supply Chain, KPMG
Ian Locke, Executive officer, Horticulture Export Group Tasmania
Nicholas Henderson, Director China Practice, Asialink Business

Event details

Date: Tuesday 29 May
Time: 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Venue: KPMG, 33 George Street, Launceston
Registrations close Thursday 24 May

This event will also take place in Hobart on Wednesday 30 May.

For further information, please contact Leanne van Diemen