India’s economy - the path to realising grand aspirations

During this briefing, journalist Adam Roberts will reflect on his recent publication Superfast Primetime Ultimate Nation.

Today, India is a rising global power and as it faces the road ahead, attention focuses on one man: its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. A controversial figure in his own country and abroad, he has garnered unprecedented political support while facing criticism for his nationalism, his record in government and his economic policies.

As India seeks to revitalise its economy and improve the health and education prospects of its citizens and manage its relationships with China and Pakistan, the key to understanding its future may lie in understanding its leader. Adam Roberts, formerly South Asia bureau chief for the Economist will explore India under Modi’s leadership and the challenges for the country’s ongoing economic reform.

Adam Roberts is European Business and Finance correspondent for the Economist, based in Paris. Between 2010 and 2015, he was South Asia Bureau Chief for the Economist, based in Delhi where he oversaw political and general coverage from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, among other countries. He is the author of “The Wonga Coup” a book about a mercenary coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea (2006).

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