Equity in Education: Shared Perspectives from India and Australia – Wellbeing


Online event.


Asia Education Foundation (AEF) and Australia India Institute (Aii), Delhi are pleased to announce a series of virtual events exploring Equity in Education: Shared Perspectives between India and Australia. Over the coming months, join AEF, Aii, Delhi, and a series of specialists to discuss three key determinants for Equity in Education in Australia and India; Technology, Gender, and Wellbeing.

Event Three: Wellbeing

With the pandemic still not contained, students in India and Australia face further disruption and uncertainty in their schooling through localised and snap lockdowns. Experts warn that a narrow focus on academic achievement and ‘catching up’ on lost learning could be detrimental to students and teachers ability to return to the classroom, thus moving the focus to the pivotal role wellbeing plays in social, emotional and academic development for students and educators. Schools and systems who had invested in wellbeing prior to the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic are at a distinct advantage as face-to-face education recommences.

This webinar explores wellbeing as a key component of equity in education from Australian and Indian perspectives, through the prism of policy/research, education leaders and classroom practitioners.

Education and industry panellists to be announced.

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