Engaging with Asia through the Humanities and Social Sciences (Melbourne)


ISV Seminar Room, 40 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

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Asia Education Foundation


T: 8344 3590

This one-day program has been designed in conjunction by The Asia Education Foundation and Independent Schools Victoria. It is designed for classroom teachers to build their Asia capabilities and support implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

Program participants will be provided with opportunities to network across schools, share practice and collaborate to develop new student learning programs to build Asia capabilities.

Participants will:
· explore global competencies and how they connect to learning across HASS
· consider the connection between global competencies and general capabilities
· unpack intercultural understanding curriculum frameworks and explore how to address them across HASS
· explore approaches to curriculum planning and delivery for HASS
· investigate resources to support HASS – learning sequences and digital resource lists
· investigate online cultural organisations and materials that support virtual excursions
· expand knowledge on use of digital technologies to support student learning
· collaborate with colleagues to create learning sequences.