Culturepreneurship and India


Challenges and Opportunities for the Australian cultural sector

26 October 2016 in Melbourne, Australia

It is Asialink Arts' great pleasure to work with the Australia India Institute to host the inaugural Arts Sector Forum, in Melbourne on Wednesday 26 October. This roundtable will be an opportunity to foster dialogue between various individuals working across the Australia-India arts space. The forums will allow for a candid discussion of participant’s experience and ideas in relation to the arts, focusing especially on commercial challenges and opportunities associated with working across the Australia-India space.

As with many other sectors, the cultural sector and creative industries are undergoing ‘disruption’ due to changes in technology, competition and funding. Simultaneously new ideas about cultural entrepreneurship and ‘culturepreneurship’ are emerging in Asia, particularly in India. We are interested in how these dynamics might be reshaping opportunities for arts collaboration across the Australia-India boundary.

The roundtable will include experts and practitioners with experience of working in and with India.

A networking lunch will be provided from12.30pm with formalities starting shortly after. We look forward to your involvement in what we expect will be a very interesting, productive and stimulating step forward in Australia-India relations