Reimagining Creative Digital Industries: Indonesia

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Learn about major trends in the NFT ecosystem from Balinese Illustor MONEZ and the current and future applications of UX Design from Dr Eunice Sari, CEO and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia.

The event will platform creative pioneers from various sectors to discuss new partnerships and collaborations for innovation through digital mediums between the cities of Perth and Denpasar. The hour will submerge creators in:

  • The expansive world of NFT’s
  • The diverse applications of UX
  • Digital transformation and marketing

Perth-Denpasar City MOU

The City of Perth and Denpasar City signed an MOU in December 2020 connecting the two cities in a collaboration to mutually benefit their creative and digital economies. The intent of the MOU is to:

  • Establish connections and relationships between the digital and creative ecosystems in each city.
  • Help facilitate exchange programs.
  • Give start-up companies and entrepreneurs opportunities to learn more experts in counterpart cities.
  • Provide potential market entry opportunities for local businesses to leverage the $1.69 trillion Indonesian economy.

NFTs the new frontier of art

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) bring together smart contracts and blockchain technology to verify the purchase history and ownerships rights of all manner of digital files including; photos, videos, music and fashion designs. Artists in Denpasar and Perth have begun selling their unique digital assets as NFT’s to protect against plagiarism, tap into new audiences and innovate the way they engage with digital consumers. This session will explore the burgeoning NFT ecosystem, including Indonesia’s newly launched first multicategory NFT marketplace Tokomall, the current and anticipated opportunities for Perth and Denpasar- based artists in the broader NFT space, an overview of the underlying technology and the potential for collaboration as an artist, or creative in sectors orbiting creators.

User Experience (UX) Design and Applications

An emphasis on UX and creating intuitive interfaces that utilise insight-driven data and consider the entire user journey now cross across majority of sectors and disciplines. Consumer behaviour influences the user experience and must be a consideration when expanding product offering globally. The collaboration and exchange between UX and software design practitioners in Perth and Denpasar will prove critical in enabling fruitful engagement between markets.

Digital Marketing: Beyond engagement to immersion

The digital world is an eclectic combination of content vying for our attention in an often increasingly disconnecting way. There is a shift from simply aiming to engage audiences with content to creating impactful digital experiences that not only generate profit but connection. This session will explore how modern day digital marketing leans towards immersive content and gamification, developing a brand and remaining agile.