Afternoon Tea with suzueri – live performance and Q & A

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Online event.

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2021 marks 10 years since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. In this decade Australia and Japan have experienced an increase in extreme environmental events which have impacted on rural and urban ways of life. These events and their relationship to human activity are subject to increasing debate.

In this live event, suzueri will prepare a delicious audio-visual recipe and live-tea party with electronic sweets for Mutable Ecologies.

suzueri (Elico Suzuki) is a Tokyo-based sound artist and improviser. She presents circuitous and restless performances using pianos and found objects combined with self-made instruments. Her recent interests have centred on exploring the gaps and narrative trajectories between the interaction of instruments and their embodiment.

‘BreadBoard Baking’ is an edible electronic circuit cooking and instrument project run by Tokyo based sound artist Elico Suzuki (suzueri), Emiko Kashiwagi (Emirie) and Naomi Kakuda.

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