The Australia Myanmar Business Taskforce

The Australia Myanmar Business Taskforce was established to foster closer economic co-operation with Myanmar and to assist with the development of its policy and legislative frameworks. It was designed to unearth opportunities that emerge as Myanmar develops, and instigate extensive and positive impact on the development of local capacity within Myanmar.

Myanmar is currently undergoing extensive reform to its economic, agricultural, health and education sectors. While barriers to increased trade and investment in Myanmar remain, the potential for mutual gain from partnerships between Australia and Myanmar is substantial. Importantly, such partnerships have great potential to assist in the building of Myanmar's domestic capacity.

The success of various dialogues and events convened by Asialink throughout 2012, demonstrated Asialink's ability to foster extensive networks and expertise in Myanmar, as well as its capacity to facilitate key opportunities for Australia-Myanmar engagement. Recognising the dynamic potential of this changing Myanmar landscape, Asialink, in conjunction with committed business and industry experts, identified the need for the Australia Myanmar Business Taskforce.

The Taskforce meets twice a year to identify and discuss opportunities for members across all sectors, as well as building on Australia-Myanmar networks, in particular in business, government and politics.

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