Regional // Regional Launch

The Regional // Regional Alliance was launched in August at Darwin Festival and is now preparing for the third meeting by December. In the early stages of the three-year program the Alliance are taking time to establish understandings of each other. Participants aim to benefit from ongoing knowledge exchanges whilst simultaneously building long-term relationships and developing new collaborations and projects for their regional audiences.

We have captured the spirit of the Darwin event in a video compilation including Bilawara Lee, Diat Alferink, Pippa Dickson and Mr Luke Gosling OAM MP.  Some of the festivals included are MONA FOMA (TAS), Mowanjum (WA), Castlemaine Festival (VIC), Northsite (QLD), Serendipity Arts (India) and Sanriku International Arts Festival (Japan). We have interviewed some of the members for their views on the value of cross-cultural engagements :

Watch Launch Video

Guest speaker: Diat Alferink, independent creator and producer

Welcome to Country by: Bilawara Lee

Darwin Festival Park, Council Forecourt
13 Harry Chan Ave, Darwin

Date: Wednesday 10 August, 2022

Time: 5:30-6:30PM ACST

Listen to the ABC Kimberly interview with Lotte & Sherika here

Listen to the ABC Central Vic interview with Glyn Roberts here

Image credits: Regional // Regional launch, Darwin. Photos by Paz Tassone