Norikazu Saito

Norikatzu Saito

Executive Director, NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network, Norikazu Sato joined the butoh group Byakkosha in 1980. In 2001, he established the NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network in Kyoto to bring together individuals and organizations involved in dance including artists, event hosts, critics, companies, and foundations. The Japan Contemporary Dance Network connects society and dance through various activities, including hosting Odori ni Ikuze!! (Let's Go Dancing), producing Dance File, operating dance performance workshops, and the coordination of performances.

Starting in 2013, he has been carrying out exchanges with dancers from overseas and Japan to visit various parts of Tohoku (particularly areas affected by the earthquake) to learn folk arts.

The Human Celebration--Sanriku International Arts Festival 2014 combined local folk arts; gamelan from Bali, Indonesia; Korean pungmul folk music; community dance; and contemporary dance. There are plans to continue this festival in the future.