A New National Cultural Policy for All Australians

On Monday January 30, Asialink Arts Director, Dr Pippa Dickson, joined 300 other guests for the launch of the National Cultural Policy, ‘Revive: A place for every story, and a story for every place.’

The Prime Minister stated that the Policy ‘puts the arts back where they are meant to be – at the heart of our national life’ and Arts Minister, Tony Burke claimed this was a policy to end the ‘culture wars’, signalling investment and support for more popular arts.

At the centre of the Policy is the redevelopment of the Australia Council as Creative Australia redressing the challenges and imbalances which have existed in the arts.

Significantly the Policy acknowledges international engagement:

“Culture fosters mutual understanding, people-to-people links and builds relationships across regions. Culture supports Australia’s broader foreign policy objectives and provides dividends for Australia’s international outreach activities, particularly to raise our profile and influence as a reliable and trusted global partner and to deepen engagement and exchange with our region.

Promoting cooperation and collaboration through cultural and creative engagement helps to build stronger and more resilient relationships and shared understanding with partner countries.”

A New National Cultural Policy for All Australians

Some key actions relating to the Indo-Pacific are:

* Reinstate the Australian Arts in Asia and the Pacific Awards to recognise and promote Australia’s creative links with the Indo-Pacific region

* Strengthen arts collaboration and exchange and cultural diplomacy by leveraging Australia’s global diplomatic network in key Australian overseas posts

* Continue support for activities in Australia and around the world, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region, that promote the Government’s international arts and cultural engagement and cultural diplomacy priorities, including at Expo 2025 in Osaka, Japan

* Take forward the Government’s trade diversification agenda to strengthen and expand trade networks, including growing markets for cultural and creative exports

Asialink continues to advocate for increased focus and investment in Australia’s engagement with Asia and the Pacific.

- Dr Pippa Dickson