520 ‘I Love You’ Melbourne Report

520 meaning ‘I love you (我爱你)’ in Chinese online slang, the 520 Melbourne Report presents data and insights into Chinese-speaking international students in Melbourne to support arts and cultural sector engagement, including a Chinese language social media explainer.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 520 Melbourne Report.

This important report draws on a comprehensive survey with 600+ Chinese-speaking international students, focus groups and case studies.

The report provides key insights into this cohort’s preferences for activities and communication. A ‘social media explainer’ outlines how Chinese social media works for non-Chinese speakers.

Produced in a pre-COVID context, this report is relevant for organisations wishing to increase their engagement with Chinese-speaking millennials as we all think more deeply about our accessibility for local audiences.

Key findings

If it's not on WeChat it doesn't exist

  • 97% engage with WeChat every day
  • 85% find out about events online (58% via WeChat)
  • 66% never engage with any Australian media (online or offline)

This cohort love being out (but could engage with the arts more)

  • They are engaging with restaurants (83%) or shopping (62%) multiple times a week
  • Cultural engagement is most frequently via food festivals (30%) exhibitions (36%) or live pop gigs (29%)
  • Less than 10% engage regularly with dance, theatre, comedy or classical music
  • 58% are interested in attending more events but don’t hear about them
  • Chinese speaking team members/collaborators offer invaluable expertise for those looking to increase engagement

Get to know their preferences – this cohort like to attend things that

  • Are on trend (especially Asian popular culture trends)
  • Are affiliated with brands they knowOccur at convenient locations and timings
  • Have great food offerings
  • Make them feel less isolated, and that they are part of Melbourne
  • Are shareable, and reinforced via their peers, on social media

The 520 Melbourne Report has been produced by Turning World and Imagikai and was co-commissioned by Creative Victoria and Asialink Arts.

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Banner image: Christopher Hopkins, The Age