Club Ate is a collective founded by artists Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra, who draw from their own stories, lived experiences, and personal relationships as queer, bi-cultural Filipino-Australians. Club Ate espouses shared authorship, collective action, and self-representation in its art making. Using myth as a form to explore the intersections of queer identities of the Filipino diaspora, catapulting their identities into futurist forms of becoming.

Gillian Brown has managed and curated over twenty-five contemporary arts projects for the Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide. In 2015 Gillian collaborated with Independent Curators International, New York (ICI) to bring the project do it to Australia. This lead to a further major international partnership between ICI and the Samstag Museum in 2017, The Ocean After Nature. Gillian participated in the 2018 SEA Exchange program between the Samstag Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Manila.