Tracey Moffatt

This exhibition was prepared to be the major presentation of the IMA in Brisbane for the timing of the 1999 Asia Pacific Triennial at the Queensland Art Gallery, a time when many visitors, local and international, were in Brisbane, and then tour Asia. With Asialink’s financial support, a major catalogue was prepared, distributed in Brisbane and internationally.

The tour was a huge success, Moffatt already known in Korea and Taiwan previously, and this seen as an opportunity to exhibit six significant works by her. She visited Taiwan for the opening, and was treated like a celebrity. At the Artsonje Center in Seoul, the exhibition generated 500 individual media stories and doubled usual attendances with one Saturday recording 1,000 visitors alone – a record number for this prominent venue. The exhibition was well promoted by Artsonje which generated large banners over six-lane highways, and prominent signage through the winding streets of the arts quarter of Seoul (see end pages of this publication). Artsonje Center curator Inju Chang commented that: ‘The exhibition of Tracey Moffatt ended with tremendous success in Seoul. We are delighted to inform you that it was the most highly visited exhibition of Artsonje Center, so far.’

Tracey Moffatt, Something More 1989, Series of six cibachrome and three black & white photographs, 100 x 130 cm

Curator: Michael Snelling

Artist: Tracey Moffatt

Partner: Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Tour: Brisbane, Seoul, Kyongju, Taipei (1999-2001)