Eligibility and funding

  • Eligibility

    Proposals are invited from Australian arts professionals and creatives who meet the following criteria. If you do not meet these criteria, you are ineligible to apply:

    • Australian citizens or those who have Permanent Residency status.
    • A proven record of professional artistic activity over at least three years.
    • Exchanges are not for academic study or research, paid study leave or ARC-affiliated projects. Students enrolled in tertiary institutions at the time of their proposed residency are not eligible to apply. Students cannot defer their studies to undertake Asialink Arts Residencies. This applies to PhD candidates. You can only apply if the course you are undertaking will be complete at the time of your proposed residency.
    • Applicants can submit only one application in any given year.

    The Exchange program is supported by state and territory government art departments. To be eligible for the program, applicants must also meet the 'place of residence' eligibility criteria defined by these departments, as outlined in the State/Territory Eligibility Guidelines. Asialink seeks eligibility feedback from the state and territory government funding bodies/agencies during the assessment process. If you have any questions relating to their eligibility criteria, please contact your state/territory funding body for clarification.

  • Funding

    Funding for Asialink Arts programs and projects is sourced through our partnerships with various Australian Federal, State and Territory arts funding agencies, country specific agencies of the Department of Foreign and Trade and philanthropic organisations or benefactors.

    Our programming, commissions and exchange opportunities, is made possible through these funding partnerships which are tied to specific and targeted project outcomes. Therefore, your eligibility for support through our programs may be affected by your location if we do not have a partnership in place to fund opportunities where you live.

    Asialink Arts is a program area of Asialink, which is an affiliate of The University of Melbourne.

  • Grants

    Successful applicants are offered a grant between $6,000-$12,000 for 6-12 week creative exchange.

    We also accept applications from artists working collaboratively. Applicants should only apply for a collaborative exchange if their practice is reliant on the input and practice of another individual/s. To apply for a collaborative exchange, all collaborators can work on one application using the same login details as long as only one person is working at a time. Please note that not all our collaborators can support collaborative exchanges. Refer to the Asialink Arts Global Collaborators section on our website for more details.