About Us

Asialink Arts instigates collaborative and flexible partnerships that deliver international, public and professional outcomes for the Australian cultural sector.

Fuelled by experimentation and driven by networks, we aim to be central to Australia-Asia creative engagement.

In 2018, Asialink Arts adopts a fresh approach to global cultural engagement through its Global Project Space (GPS) initiative.

Asialink Arts is a key program of Asialink - a national organisation headquartered at The University of Melbourne.


  • Embraces new co-production modalities to create global creative exchanges and artist-led-commissions.
  • Illuminates the work and experiences of contemporary Australian artists in Asia and communities, through Research, Outreach, and conversations - in both real and digital spaces.
  • Acknowledges the global power shift from West to East with Asia.
  • Explores the centrality of Asia in this new global cultural landscape and the opportunities it presents for Australian creative professionals.
  • Draws on the strength and experience of out Alumni and Global collaborators.