The Asialink Taskforce for an Asia Capable Workforce

The Asialink Taskforce has set out a national strategy to urgently develop an Asia capable workforce in Australia and capitalise on the Asian opportunity. Although this strategy is business-led, the benefits of its implementation will accrue to the whole of Australian society if all stakeholders work together. The Taskforce calls on business, government and the education sector to cooperate to realise the objectives described in this strategy.

The Taskforce is committed to exploring opportunities to implement this strategy and deliver improved workforce productivity through enhanced Asia capabilities.    

Asialink Taskforce Cover

Download the full National Strategy Paper

Asialink is ahead of the game. This organisation is more than twenty years old. The Asia Capable Workforce Strategy is a clear sign of its maturity and its enduring – indeed, expanding – relevance. Dr. Ken Henry, 6 September 2012

Media Enquiries
Please direct all media enquiries to:
Elise Mallory – Media & Communications Officer, Asialink via e-mail or call +61 3 9035 8523

+61 3 9035 8523
+61 3 9035 8523
+61 3 9035 8523
+61 3 9035 8523
+61 3 9035 8523

The Asialink Taskforce

Asialink has assembled 13 of Australia's pre-eminent business leaders to drive the development of a National Strategy. This Strategy aims to equip the Australian workforce with the critical capabilities required to capture the opportunities of the Asian Century.

The National Strategy:

  • Makes the case for developing an Asia capable Australian workforce
  • Identifies the individual and organisational capabilities most critical to business success in and with Asia
  • Outlines effective strategies business can implement to improve these Asia capabilities within their organisation
  • Describes the role for governments and educational institutions   

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
- Chair

"The opportunity is not just about miners and farmers. It's about using the premier position Australia has to connect with Asian demand in sciences; in supplying the commodity and agricultural sectors; in the related services sectors; and in education."
Mike Smith

Jason Chang
Jason Chang

Managing Director and CEO
EMR Capital

Glyn Davis Glyn Davis
Universities Australia

Mark Johnson Mark Johnson
Senior Advisor
Gresham Investment House

Jenny McGregor Jenny McGregor

Andrew Michelmore Andrew Michelmore

Sid Myer Sid Myer

Paul O'Sullivan Paul O'Sullivan
CEO, Group Consumer
Singtel Optus Pty Ltd

Doug Ritchie Doug Ritchie
Chief Executive, Energy
Rio Tinto

Hamish Tyrwhitt Hamish Tyrwhitt
Leighton Holdings

Jennifer Westacott Jennifer Westacott
Business Council of Australia

Ines Willox
Innes Willox

Australian Industry Group

Mike Wilkins
Mike Wilkins



 Developing an Asia Capable Workfoce: A National Strategy Launch

Above: View photo slideshow (left) and highlights video (right) from the strategy launch on 6 September 2012.    

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