Island to Island

Asialink Arts and Melbourne’s Emerging Writers Festival (EWF) present Island to Island, a roving writing residency featuring Australian writers Gillian Terzis and André Dao, and Indonesian writers Maggie Tiojakin and Ninda Daianti. The project will take place in multiple locations across Indonesia September-October 2014.

Travelling across the country on buses, trains and ferries, the four writers will follow an itinerary driven by their creative and professional interests, spending time with local authors, thinkers and artists and exploring Indonesian culture and society. Live-blogging and generating video from the road, their travels will end in Bali at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) where they will participate in the festival program.

Gillian Terzis, André Dao, Maggie Tiojakin and Ninda Daianti will be joined by additional Australian and Indonesian authors selected by the Melbourne Writers’ Festival for a fixed residency from 7-12 October. The structure of the residency will encourage cultural exchange and immersion between the participants, as well as allowing space for the writers to develop new work based on their experiences during the project.

The writers will be accompanied by Sam Tyford Moore, Director EWF.


Authors: Gillian Terzis (AU), André Dao (AU), Maggie Tiojakin (IN), Ninda Daianti (IN)

Project Managers: Sam Tyford Moore

Tour Dates:  26 September - 30 September

UWRF: 30 September - 6 October 

Residency: 7 - 12 October

Venues/Locations: Ubud Writers Festival and locations across Indonesia

Partner: Emerging Writers Festival

Project Blog:  Island to Island


About the Authors

Gillian Terzis is a Melbourne-based writer interested in Australian and Indonesian history, politics and culture. She has had essays, features and criticism published in Australia and abroad, including The Atlantic, The Economist, The Monthly, The Guardian, The Saturday Paper and The Lifted Brow. She is Senior Sub-Editor at Business Spectator, was Deputy Editor, Business & Economy with The Conversation and has been a contributor to ABC’s The Drum.


André Dao’s fiction and non-fiction has appeared in The Monthly, Meanjin, Going Down Swinging, Crikey, The New Philosopher, The Conversation, Harvest Magazine, The Lifted Brow, Voiceworks, Kill Your Darlings, Arena, and anthologies published by Oxford University Press, Penguin Australia, Wakefield Press and Finch Publishing. He was the winner of Express Media’s Best Non-Fiction Piece in 2012 and a Qantas Spirit Of Youth Award finalist in 2013. Since 2009, André has been the Editor-in-Chief of Right Now, a human rights media organisation for which he was a finalist for the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Young People’s Medal in 2011. Andre is a 2014.


Maggie Tiojakin is an Indonesian writer, translator, and journalist. Her fiction has appeared in Every Day Fiction, Eastown Fiction, Postcard Shorts, Voices, Femina, Kompas Sunday, The Sunday Post and Writers’ Journal. She has also written for The Jakarta Post Weekender, Asia News Network, The Boston Globe, Kompas and Media Indonesia. She has penned two short story collections, Ching-Ching’s Ballads and So Long As We Are Lost in Space and a novel, Winter Dreams. In her spare time, she runs the Fiksi Lotus website which contains classic short stories and writing tips from around the world, translated into Bahasa Indonesia. She is the Bahasa Indonesia translator of Edgar Allan Poe’s Complete Story Collection and Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. In 2011, she co-wrote an award-nominated musical feature film directed by Awi Suryadi, titled A Special Symphony. She lives in Jakarta and is currently working on her second novel and third short story collection.


Ninda Daianti has her MFA in Creative Writing Fiction from Chatham University on 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA and BA in Creative Writing and Linguistics from St. Cloud State University. Her first novel, My Other Life, was published by the Rotary Club when she was eighteen. She has published her short stories at The Jakarta Post titled Fire and Son and The Soulful Piano. After coming home to Jakarta, she taught Introduction to Fiction, How to Write a Statement of Purpose, and Fiction Workshop at @america. She currently freelances for Lontar Foundation as an editor and event organiser. She creates Midnight Crazies Press and teaches Literature at Krida Wacana Christian University in Jakarta. 


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