Writing Program

The Asialink Writing Program connects Australian writers, readers and publishers with their counterparts in Asia. We run immersive in-country residencies, high-profile author tours, collaborative cross-media projects, produce engaging books, and organise national and international public events. You’ll find us everywhere from the lawn stage at the Jaipur Literature Festival to the back alleys of Seoul, collaborating with everyone from writers and publishers to designers and architects.


The Asialink Literature Touring Program showcases Australian books and writers to hugely diverse audiences throughout the Asian region. Previous tours have featured 2-3 high profile Australian authors and an exhibition of Australian books. Each tour has coincided with a major cultural or industry event in the target country such as a festival, conference or book fair. The authors participate in book signings, readings, talks and media interviews, visit schools and universities and meet with key contacts in government, publishing, education and the arts.