Self-Initiated Residencies

Applicants can apply for Self-Initiated Residencies by proposing a host and/or country that is not listed as an Asialink Host Partner. 
It is up to the applicant to research and make contact with their proposed host organisation and discuss their residency proposal.
Asialink requires a letter of support from the proposed host institution as part of your application. Applications are ineligible without this letter. A host briefing document is available to assist you in introducing the program to your host and outlining Asialink's expectations. 

Please note that Asialink does not support residencies in all Asian countries, as they may have inadequate infrastructure and support. If the country you wish to apply for does not appear in the Residency Hosts and Models section of our website, please contact Asialink to ensure the country you are proposing is supported.

All host partners of Asialink's Arts Residency Program must be arts-based organisations.

Sarah Kaur, 2011 Resident, Singapore
Still, Kampong Buangkok, feat. Guohui Chen